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LU Change Log

This page contains the running change log since LU’s initial release. Legend Each entry in the cangelog is annotated with one of the following, to indicate its severity: if a patch contains a different codebase name from the patch you installed last, please read the install instructions on how to perform an export/import, otherwise you

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Export & Import

A system used to export your empire and import it again for various reasons which could include mod error, code change patch, or testing. Function Litcube’s Universe comes packaged with the ability to export your empire including statistics (kills, favourite ships), relations, property, loadouts, game time, play time, money, Phanon state, OCV state, stations, Saturn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Known compatibility issues Plugin Manager is not compatible.Lucike’s script library overwrites a few key LU references.Do not install the Bonus Pack.Litcube does not support any install that is not LUV (Litcube’s Universe Vanilla) My game crashes when I eject Set your texture settings to high. What do the installers delete? The base install comes

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LU Setup Guide

Welcome to LU! This guide will assist you in making sure you install or patch properly. WARNING: Some installers wipe data. Plugin manager is not compatible.Bonus Pack is not compatible.Mods not specifically designed for LU as per author description are not compatible. You will be performing a, b, or c, etc.. Choose one. A B

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LU Downloads

Base Install Read and follow the installation guide carefully. Change log Patch Read and follow the installation guide carefully. Change log Export/Import Package Read and follow the installation guide carefully. Change log Soundtrack GUI Installer This is an optional package that changes your GUI, if you’d like to try a different one. Includes Litcube’s GUIs and TrixX’s LU GUIs. Banner Forum

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Want more info external from the game? If you have a G19 keyboard or a second monitor, this could come in handy. G19 The Display-G19 AL plugin requires LCD Host to function. LCD Host The LCD Host plugin can be downloaded here: LU G19 LCD Host Plugin You’ll have to change the layout data connector to point

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The catch all of your empire, these ships can be setup with a list of destinations to pick up and drop off wares. Function The courier has the ability to follow through with a user set delivery list. It has the capability to load and unload, with specified amounts of wares at any destination owned

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