Revelation, The Omicron Channel Virus (OCV)

The OCV are an emerging threat in the far East of the galaxy.


At some distant part of the Universe, something is making the commonwealth governments uneasy. There’s a new threat, and it’s encroaching on the Galaxy.

A new channel of sectors was discovered East of Bluish Snout. These sectors were named the Omicron Channel, whose ownership was divided among the commonwealth races. Trade was established, citizens pioneered the new frontier, and it looked as though a new era of peace was to settle upon this new discovery.

It wasn’t long, however, until the true nature of the Omicron Channel was revealed.

At the end of the channel, lies a brewing enemy. The Omicron Channel Virus, as it’s called, is a menacing threat to the entire galaxy. As their fleets expand with incredibly resilient and deadly ships not found in any other parts of the Universe, they will take over sectors, and establish new fronts. The rate of expansion provides a challenge, without becoming a frantic race against the clock.

Possible Spoilers:

There rate of expansion is roughly one sector per few hours at first. The time for sector take over relies on their ability to ferry resources from their home sector (deep in the channel), to their new territory. Therefore, their rate of expansion slows exponentially the further the sector is away from their home sector. That being said, the 10 sector channel can be conquered by the OCV within 3 to 4 game days, at which point they’ll breach Bluish Snout and continue their rampage.

End Possible Spoilers

Revelation Backstory

Date: 768-05-01

Foreign Minister Keeli: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank for you coming. I realize you’ve been waiting in this room a while. Please accept my apologies. We had to clear up minor details in the back. Members of the press, colleagues; welcome.”

Reporter: “Are we starting?”

Keeli: “We’re starting.”

Room goes silent, brief pause

Keeli: “Working in total secrecy, an unprecedented diplomatic mission has been quietly underway at the far edge of the Universe. We can now safely confirm the rumours that you’ve been hearing: several months ago, a jump-gate was located in the Eastern space of Bluish Snout by an Argon pilot name Flot Bro. What he found was a series of new sectors, connected in a chain, leading to previously unknown space. We call these sectors the Omicron Channel.”

Room erupts; pointed questions, shouting

Keeli: “Please – if we can keep questions until the end. Thank you.”

Room goes silent

Keeli: “Thank you. Learning from past mistakes, the Kingdom of Boron, the Paranid Empire, the Split Dynasty, the Teladi Company, and the Argon Federation convened in Getsu Fune shortly after the discovery, to organize what we now refer to as the Omicron Channel Symposium. The purpose of this symposium was to fairly and equally distribute the newly discovery sectors in a manner that would minimize the impact of potential tensions in Boron space. Brave members of the Commonwealth have been working hard over several months to establish a foothold in this new and exciting frontier. We are very close to opening this to the general public, and hope that trade will flourish with what the Omicron Channel holds in store for the Universe.”

Reporter: “Minister, can you confirm reports that a Boron expedition has found a very dangerous threat deep within this channel? What the rumours are calling danger -“

Briefly, Keeli glances to his left

Keeli: “Folks, my apologies, but we’ll have to cut this short. Again, thank you for coming, we will update you in the near future.”

Room erupts; pointed questions, shouting, as the Minister leaves the room

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