LU Downloads

Base Install

Read and follow the installation guide carefully.

Change log


Read and follow the installation guide carefully.

Change log

Export/Import Package

Read and follow the installation guide carefully.

Change log


GUI Installer

This is an optional package that changes your GUI, if you’d like to try a different one.

Includes Litcube’s GUIs and TrixX’s LU GUIs.


Forum banner.

This would go in your signature:


Other Tools

  • Comprehensive editors for LU files (includes weapon stats, for example). Requires excel. I’m running 360, but they may work in older versions. Data accurate to LUV1.6.2

LU Editors V1.3.2

  • Map of the Litcube’s Universe.

Universe Map

  • LU Rainmeter skin V1.4

LU Rainmeter Skin

  • LU G19 LCD Host plugin

LU G19 LCD Host Plugin
Tahlmorra’s Installation Guide

  • X-Studio I custom syntax. Just throw this in your X-Studio folder and it will read the syntax. Data accurate to LUV1.6.2

X-Studio Custom Syntax V1.3.5


LU Branding Logo in PSD

LU Font

Linux Fixes

  • File to remove artifacting of suns with lense flares on Linux (Only compatible with LU! Do not attempt to use it with IEX+LUVi)

Faster OCV expansion

Use this TShip file to make the OCV expand faster.

Make a new folder in your X3 AP /addon folder and name it “types” (without quotation marks). Copy this file there, start a new game and you should be good to go. The OCV will advance about one sector a day with this file, so while it’s not the blitzkrieg of the earlier LU versions it should speed things up a bit.

If you want to uninstall, just delete the /types folder you made and start a new game.

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