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Complex Management

Vanilla complexes can be managed with a set of commands and Station Agents. Intro This page is for vanilla style complexes, and not the Saturn Complex Hubs. Just a few features to make your life easier when managing them at the same time as you’re using Station Agents and Couriers. Set Station Product Set station product does […]

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Carrier Command Software

Carrier Command Software has now been re-purposed. It gains new commands and assists launching and docking. Function The carrier command software now enables a carrier to quickly dock incoming fighters. When an incoming fighter gets within a certain range (roughly 5k), the ship is teleported to the carrier with a jump effect. CCS’s docking feature

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Litcube’s Universe comes equipped with a hard-coded system to mitigate the hazard of ships colliding with other objects. I’ve Heard of This Before! As you may be aware from the Egosoft forums, Bounce was a script package that helped alleviate some of the frustration caused by default ship behavior. Ships in vanilla would run headlong

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A look at the theory that motivates the methods and implementation of LU’s ship and weapon balance. Intro First off, I hate the word balance. To me, it implies there’s a perfect centre somewhere; as if there exists a magical nirvana for every game play system to achieve, and if it comes short, it’s broken. Also,

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Moddb SWLU: Galaxy In Chaos is an addon for SWLU that aims to bring the many locations in the star wars galaxy into X3. Update 1.1.4 expands the Outer Rim Territories as well as fixes to scripts. How to install: 1. Make sure you have a clean install of X3:TC and X3:AP. 2. Follow all

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Github This guide was taken from Pre-Install Install Post-Install Features General LU + Mods specific AND MORE Downloads Credits

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Moddb SWLU is a mod for X3AP Litcube’s Universe 1.7.2 built from the ground-up originally using ship assets from Mikhail Skatchkav’s Star Wars Reborn Mod for X3AP. All ships have had their thruster effects, camera positions, and gun placements fixed or tweaked in addition to the many gameplay changes that come with LU. 305 total

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