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This page will be used to store addon mods to Litcube’s Universe Satellite Monitoring v1.8 Originally from the Egosoft Forums, rehosted with permission: Info from above link: “A simple script that show you some useful informations when you have an advanced satellite and when the object (either an enemy ship, an enemy station, an […]

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Ship bailing can happen anywhere in the galaxy, from any race. A completely new system replaces the old. Introduction A bail, is a ship that was abandoned by the pilot for reasons relating to self preservation. Universal bailing is described as bailed ships throughout the universe without the players involvement. In vanilla, bailing only happens

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The tug is used to automate the hauling of ships back to a station via flagging a ship with a hotkey. Functionality The tug command is run on huge ships with a dock bay. When run, the tug will stay docked at its homebase waiting for you to flag a ship for it. When the tug sees

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Trade Reports

All property now keeps a detailed log of every transaction ever made. See a compiled list or individual reports. See A Record Of What Your Stuff Traded Tahlmorra requested trade reports, and got trade reports. Ad nauseam. There’s now trade reports for everything. All your ships and stations now carry a trade report that can

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Template Manager

Templates offer the ability to save the entire design of a ship. Once saved, a template can be used to outfit a ship via various commands. Save Ship Loadouts A template is a blueprint for the entire configuration of your ship including weapons, missile, turret commands, autojump configuration, emergency jump, ware resupply, and more. When

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Stock Exchange

A completely new system that overrides the vanilla stock exchange system. Invest Your Money The stock exchange in LU has changed, but you’re still required to unlock the individual stock exchanges just as you would in vanilla. The more stock exchanges you unlock, the more stocks you’ll have access to. Each stock exchange has its

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