SWLU: Galaxy In Chaos is an addon for SWLU that aims to bring the many locations in the star wars galaxy into X3. Update 1.1.4 expands the Outer Rim Territories as well as fixes to scripts.

How to install:

1. Make sure you have a clean install of X3:TC and X3:AP.

2. Follow all of the steps to install Litcubes Universe

3. Install SWLU to your LU installation.

4. Download the latest version of Galaxy in Chaos.

5. Extract all of the files inside the x3 terran conflict folder in the .zip to your X3 Terran Conflict folder in your LU installation (literally just a drag in drop)

6. Have fun!

It is recommended to make another SWLU install when using this map, as if you want to revert back to normal SWLU, you will have to get another install of X3LU.

Signs of a broken installation:

1. Your welcome message does not have the current version of Galaxy In Chaos on it.

2. There are a bunch of =TextIdNotFound= sectors and/or old X3 sector names.

As this is a different map, there will be abandoned ships in different locations. Please try not to leak these as I will have to relocate them in a new update.

If you have a previously exported SWLU game, you cannot import it into this map, as this map does not contain all of the sectors from the original X Universe map.

More info:

– There are now 4 major factions (Empire, Rebels, Pirates, Xenon) instead of 7, and the remaining factions are deemed “minor factions” (CIS, CSA, Mandalorians, Jedi).
– The Xenon are still in this map despite it being changed to the star wars galaxy, except you will just have to find them.
– SCH’s are available at: Entralla, Sluis Van, and Corellia.
– PHQ’s are available at: Kuat, and Golrath.
– Plutarch Tractor System available at: Sluis Van (Plutarch HQ), and Coruscant (Orbital Shield Array).
– Original X3 Race ships will be available in certain sectors that are owned by their parent race.

1.1.4 changelog

  • Fixed some issue with the Sith Khanate event looping.
  • Made it so the Mandalorian Civil War can only occur twice.
  • Added missing missile factories to shipyards
  • Fixed Corporate Sector Prospector Start being hostile with the Empire
  • Sector Tangrene moved, original location now belonging to new sector: Serenno
  • Moved Rebel Shipyard from Helska to Muunilist.
  • Unknown Sector Rho and Unknown Sector Kappa now belong to Xenon.
  • Smugglers should now avoid spawning in Xenon Sectors.
  • The Empire now has smugglers.
  • Mixed around some of the soundtrack.
  • GiC Events can now be disabled from the Artificial Life Settings menu.
  • With the Misc GiC AL plugin enabled, now your notoriety with the Rebel Secforce will be the same as your notoriety with the Rebel Alliance
  • Changed Old Republic Enthusiast spawn position to Malachor
  • Finally added the “moon” to the Rishi Moon sector.

New Sectors: Socorro, Alzoc III, Vergesso Asteroids, Thakwaa and the previously mentioned Serenno.

GIC 1.1.4 Map
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