LU Change Log

This page contains the running change log since LU’s initial release.


Each entry in the cangelog is annotated with one of the following, to indicate its severity:

  • 1 = Very minor
  • 2 = Minor
  • 3 = Average
  • 4 = Critical
  • 5 = Seriously Fucking Critical

if a patch contains a different codebase name from the patch you installed last, please read the install instructions on how to perform an export/import, otherwise you will be faced with a “Savegame Corrupt” error when attempting to load the game.

Version 1.7.2LU Aug 24th, 2016

Code Base: Jerboa

 * (4) Fixed: Prefuel script bug could cause hang 
 * (4) Fixed: Xenon military mammoths in Revelation caused by spawning jobs

Version 1.7.1LU Aug 20th, 2016

Code Base: Jerboa

 * (1) Fixed: Updated installer to only check for base X3 executable

Version 1.7.0LU May 4th, 2016

Code Base: Jerboa

 * (4) Fixed: Sell spare equipment giving you more money than it was supposed to
 * (3) Fixed: Sell spare equipment no longer sells to docks if dock doesn't trade ware
 * (3) Fixed: Rearm had a deprecated prefuel call that could cause a hang
 * (3) Fixed: Fixed a bug in MLCC dock updater, might not add jump drive cores properly
 * (3) Fixed: Fixed script command 'find ships in scanner range' was finding undercover pirates as enemies
 * (3) Fixed: Fixed MLCC intercept was attacking undercover pirates, causing friendlies to go red
 * (3) Fixed: MLCC Intercept would send everything regardless of configuration
 * (3) Fixed: Courier would stop working when waiting for fill at a ship with transporter device
 * (3) Fixed: Station agent would wait inappropriately if non-agent was also homebased to same station
 * (3) Fixed: Auction cargo stations no longer overflows, no longer pays more, adds to trade report
 * (2) Fixed: Ships no longer trade with their homebase
 * (2) Fixed: Reference conditions text in encyclopedia for drop wares
 * (2) Fixed: Reference conditions text in encyclopedia for auction cargo station now set properly to non-owned shipyard
 * (2) Fixed: Hayabusa model had a patch of inverted textures
 * (2) Fixed: Ship Outfit Template doesn't install 1 tuning anymore; skips tunings entirely, command description changed
 * (2) Fixed: Plutarch Tractor System would auto-select unscanned asteroids
 * (1) Fixed: UTs now keep resupply wares (tech or missile) when selling
 * (1) Fixed: You could still equip chaff from the freight menu
 * (1) Fixed: Re-purposed M0 icon to fix Terran Orbital Laser showing up as an M5 on the map
 * (1) Fixed: Tobosaku, Senshi model antenna fixed
 * (1) Fixed: MLCC carrier task force size was one less than carrier max
 * (1) Fixed: Betty stopped saying Saturn Complex Hub properly a few patches ago
 * (-) Changed: Dockware Manager's template outfit assign homebase & send is no longer a value slider, but a popup menu
 * (-) Changed: Global Resupply wares couldn't be adjusted after the first in the list
 * (-) Changed: TMs now have the ability to teleport dock built in
 * (-) Changed: Teleport dock on huge carriers now require Carrier Command Software, Transporter Device, Docking Transporter Extension
 * (-) Changed: Map change, Elena's Fortune trading station moved 'up'
 * (-) Changed: Formation added to templates
 * (-) Changed: Sector and galaxy transparency increased slightly
 * (-) Changed: Parallelism in MLCC menu (e.g. Task 1 to Primary order)
 * (-) Changed: UT stray warning now ignores missiles/tech wares equal to or under resupply amount in cargo bay
 * (-) Changed: UTs automatically set resupply ware amount for drones when purchasing
 * (-) Changed: Modernized the template manager menu: colour, turret names, show 'Empty' when no text to be shown
 * (-) Changed: MLCC Intercept and Assist now check individual ship's fuel as opposed to station fuel before cancelling sortie
 * (-) Changed: Auction station now tries to undock non-player ships, used trade report
 * (-) Changed: Missiles in the ship info view are now sorted
 * (-) Changed: Like player stations, race stations on starting tasks run !station.cmd.idle.races
 * (-) Changed: Plutarch Tractor System prohibits moving asteroid to within 12Km of a stationary object or within 7km of a ship; command description changed
 * (-) Changed: Map change, hidden crates are gone
 * (-) Changed: Station stock quantities now comma formatted numbers
 * (-) Changed: Station parameter menu Cr column offset to right slightly
 * (-) Changed: OneOfMany, Zaitsev crystal descriptions
 * (-) Changed: Player carriers no longer auto-launch 'kill enemies' on their fighters when under attack
 * (-) Changed: Fucking dock prices fucking changed
 * (-) Changed: Reduced TL dock bay size
 * (-) Changed: Increased TM cargo, speed

Version 1.6.2LU February 11th, 2016

Code Base: Echidna

 * (4) Fixed: When attacked, UTs would throw an error

Version 1.6.1LU February 5th, 2016

Code Base: Echidna

 * (3) Fixed: Some dock trader npcs still had debug environment settings (high speed)
 * (2) Fixed: Guppy couldn't use some weapons, changed to M cargo

Version 1.6.0LU February 4th, 2016

Code Base: Echidna

 * (4) Fixed: Remote drop factory during build missions now places station in correct sector
 * (4) Fixed: Wonky capital ship manoeuvring during combat
 * (4) Fixed: Wings could get glitched out when jumping to follow a jumped leader
 * (4) Fixed: Undercover pirates would launch enemy non-pirate drones causing rep drop when killed
 * (4) Fixed: Script command bugged, caused NPC traders to ignore player stations on some items
 * (3) Fixed: Ships pre-fuelling sometimes wouldn't (or overfuel)
 * (3) Fixed: Integer overflow errors in Dockware Manager, Freighter, Dock Agent
 * (3) Fixed: Refuel script; ships will now prioritize distance over price when flying to refuel
 * (3) Fixed: Global rename command filters were mostly broken
 * (3) Fixed: Things would get re-spawned in OCV sectors
 * (3) Fixed: Ocelot front turret a little goofed.
 * (2) Fixed: NPC ships should rethink flying into OCV sectors like lemmings
 * (2) Fixed: Show in property menu toggle for security wing ships fixed
 * (2) Fixed: Emergency jump no longer triggers when ship is already jumping
 * (2) Fixed: MLCC hangar "ready" ships display now must match template
 * (2) Fixed: Using the hotkey to transport credits crate to cargo would glitch
 * (1) Fixed: Market capacity overflow error fixed
 * (1) Fixed: Factory trade TC and Vol display
 * (1) Fixed: OCV now attack satellites
 * (1) Fixed: Retreating carriers no longer launch fighters when attacked
 * (-) Changed: Direct deposit now supports max of 500m, was 100m
 * (-) Changed: Player Console Asteroids menu shows totals per sector and doesn't stutter
 * (-) Changed: Mining outpost consumption changed slightly
 * (-) Changed: Equipment docks store more, consume faster
 * (-) Changed: Dock Agents, Station Agents can no longer sell past a stations capacity
 * (-) Changed: Equipment docks will no longer buy wares not listed for sale (vanilla exploit)
 * (-) Changed: When selling a ship, all wares on a ship are now credited at minimum price
 * (-) Changed: HQ shipbuilding resources now balanced to each require about the same sized production
 * (-) Changed: OCV will now defend their stations in a tighter pattern
 * (-) Changed: CCDS success rates have changed
 * (-) Changed: Chaff can no longer be installed and amount shows on GUI by missiles
 * (-) Changed: When you gain notoriety rank with a race, their stations friend/foe are updated
 * (-) Changed: Phanon and Xenon now hate each other
 * (-) Changed: Added MLCC targeting option "Corvettes"
 * (-) Changed: Added Drop Wares command
 * (-) Changed: Multiply billions script command optimized
 * (-) Changed: Added the ability to save MLCC assist groups
 * (-) Changed: Added MLCC Escort "follow" option
 * (-) Changed: Increased ship's laser energy and recharge across all ships
 * (-) Changed: Added Memeic's/Dizzy's Total Asset Value command
 * (-) Changed: Added Memeic's/Dizzy's MLCC jump in spiral method
 * (-) Changed: Moved hotkeys to player console: SCH calculator and template manager
 * (-) Changed: Agents will only buy drones within jump range
 * (-) Changed: Dock Agents now either buy or sell; limited to 4 sellers per dock
 * (-) Changed: Added the Nexus Miner to a shipyard

Version 1.5.2LU July 5th, 2015

Code Base: Tapir

 * (3) Fixed: Freighter debug spam
 * (2) Fixed: Omicron Channel SPPs required primary resources (map change)
 * (2) Fixed: Small errors in jobs file
 * (1) Fixed: Extraneous station info in SCH calculator sun efficiency display fixed

Version 1.5.1LU May 31, 2015

Code Base: Tapir

 * (3) Fixed: Freighters would not pick up goods if homebase was overstocking and homebase was a trade dock
 * (2) Fixed: Station Agents could try and buy more resources than the station could hold
 * (2) Fixed: Unfucked repair laser sound

Version 1.5.0LU January 19, 2015

Code Base: Tapir

 * (1) Fixed: Version display

Version 1.4.9LU January 18, 2015

Code Base: Tapir

 * (5) Fixed: Packing error, accidentally included an export file

Version 1.4.8LU January 17, 2015

Code Base: Tapir

 * (3) Fixed: When training all skills, fighting skill would not train correctly
 * (3) Fixed: If other 3 marine skills were at 100, no option for fight training was available
 * (3) Fixed: Marine skill display on property menu was out of order
 * (3) Fixed: Non-Commonwealth race sectors taken over by OCV were sending messages
 * (3) Fixed: Ship Compendium now displays OTAS notoriety requirements correctly
 * (3) Fixed: Freighters were not loading goods sometimes
 * (3) Fixed: Upgrading multiple ships would incorrectly record spent money on a ship's trade report when buying tunings
 * (-) Changed: Player ships now auto-fuel energy cells from player owned stations even if the energy is a secondary resource
 * (-) Changed: 'Cmdwing action many calls this' spam should now be removed
 * (-) Changed: Increased normal kill notoriety increases by double
 * (-) Upgraded: New reference object script constants for MSCI: NULL, PLAYERSHIP

Version 1.4.7LU November 14, 2014

Code Base: Hirola

 * (5) Fixed: Packing error

Version 1.4.6LU November 14, 2014

Code Base: Hirola

 * (3) Fixed: Lag could occur when a big ship was swarmed, had emergency jump activated, but no means to do jump
 * (3) Fixed: Trade reports not generated correctly when purchasing new ships and equipping
 * (3) Fixed: Trade reports not generated when a station was selling to NPCs
 * (3) Fixed: Trade report was screwing up on a Dock Agents bulk sell and also Sell Spare Equipment command
 * (2) Fixed: Thank you on killed messages now come from the sector owner as opposed to vanilla style (some random dock owner)
 * (-) Changed: FLC nerfed; see [Feature_FLC FLC]
 * (-) Upgraded: Marines now show stats when viewed, as opposed to just stars
 * (-) Upgraded: Fighting ability added to marine view in dock trade menu
 * (-) Upgraded: Marine stats order displayed properly in dock menu (matches trade window)
 * (-) Upgraded: Marine fight training added to docks (removed TL combat training command)
 * (-) Upgraded: Property menu, personnel tab now shows percent completion of marine training

Version 1.4.5LU November 8, 2014

Code Base: Dugong

 * (5) Fixed: God damnit

Version 1.4.4LU November 8, 2014

Code Base: Dugong

 * (5) Fixed: Plutarch Tractor System was destroying roids

Version 1.4.3LU November 8, 2014

Code Base: Dugong

 * (4) Fixed: Wing ships jumping in can get phantomed at sector center
 * (3) Fixed: Odd and rare courier menu bug showing deploy satellites was a typo
 * (3) Fixed: Miners will not longer error out when only having one Mobile Drilling System installed
 * (3) Fixed: SCHs automatic operation on remove could fuck up adding resources back to asteroids
 * (2) Fixed: Order strings now work properly for miners
 * (2) Fixed: Phanon HQ name wasn't changing between subsidiaries
 * (-) Upgraded: Plutarch Tractor System now selects the next closest source asteroid of same type ready for engage when compacting
 * (-) Changed: Added more asteroids to the map (map change)
 * (-) Changed: Plutarch Tractor System requires more resources

Version 1.4.2LU October 31, 2014

Code Base: Dugong

 * (4) Fixed: Tractor Asteroid was creating debris instead of Asteroid
 * (2) Fixed: Pirate miner escorts weren't pretending they weren't pirates as well as their leader
 * (2) Fixed: Keris, Fighter Drone MK 2, now have reputation requirements
 * (2) Fixed: Mining Outposts were not supposed to be equipment docks
 * (2) Fixed: SCH Disengage error message should tell you TL isn't docked, not that there is null cargo available
 * (2) Fixed: Dockware Manager set group capacity would add weird capacity values to wares that were unassigned
 * (2) Fixed: Dockware Manager now filters complexed undockable stations for sources
 * (-) Changed: Tractor Asteroid command renamed to Plutarch Tractor System
 * (-) Changed: Betty was drunk again, so Avarice was renamed Guiding Star
 * (-) Changed: Deploy Satellite command now has proper error message for transport class issue
 * (-) Changed: Missile, Laser fabs reputations all require + 1 rank than their product

Version 1.4.1LU October 25th, 2014

Code Base: Dugong

 * (4) Fixed: Keris was not installing plasma gun
 * (4) Fixed: Trade reports run on ships were cancelling ship orders (task 0, DERP)
 * (3) Fixed: Space suit was not equipping repair laser
 * (3) Fixed: Escort: Attack Same will now attack stations if leader has target set to a station
 * (3) Fixed: Emergency Jump now works on wings, temporarily removed until the emergency jump is complete.
 * (3) Fixed: Global ship renaming proposed changes array was reversed (st rename bug with different ship types)
 * (3) Fixed: Headquarters now requires notoriety; woops
 * (-) Changed: UTs now refuel before buy and sell if station is beyond jump fuel range, or jump fuel is less than 8 jumps
 * (-) Changed: Increased TS miner rotation agility
 * (-) Changed: OCV's three resources changed to Red Crystal, Orange Mineral, Purple Mineral
 * (-) Changed:  _get asteroid array from sector_ now only returns asteroids of type 0 (the mine placement asteroids, not debris)
 * (-) Changed: Balanced Dockware Manager licensing
 * (-) Upgraded:  New script command _get debris array from sector_

Version 1.4.0LU October 24th, 2014

Code Base: Jellyfish

 * (3) Fixed:  Station Agent code reworked to avoid waiting forever bug
 * (3) Fixed:  Dockware Manager was allowing capacities to be set that were higher than the dock could store
 * (3) Fixed:  Carrier Command would only run if a carrier had docked ships, which was dumb
 * (2) Fixed:  If a ship was docked at a stock exchange, it would not count towards PPP
 * (2) Fixed:  Some UT code wasn't calculating profit properly
 * (2) Fixed:  UT drone orders were fucking up trade report
 * (1) Fixed:  Station import/export display is finally shown in percentile
 * (-) Changed:  Added a few things to the market menus
 * (-) Changed:  Ship destroyed notification sound
 * (-) Changed:  Player docks hold more
 * (-) Changed:  Mass Driver added to most M5s, more M4s, some M3s
 * (-) Changed:  Vestibule of Creation sector name to Prophecy Fulfilled, as Betty was drunk.
 * (-) Changed:  Silicone Wafer volume from 18 to 12
 * (-) Changed:  The Toukon top prongs you see through the cockpit looked a little fucking stupid, so I changed them
 * (-) Changed:  Scan asteroids command no longer safes before scanning first sector
 * (-) Changed:  Asteroids, debris, no longer re-spawn
 * (-) Upgraded:  Trade Report added to context menu (advanced), hotkey added
 * (-) Upgraded:  Courier can now save, apply queues
 * (-) Upgraded:  Mobile mining implemented

Version 1.3.9LU October 9, 2014

Code Base: Zebra

 * (4) Fixed:       OCV freighters were thinking they were 'stocked enough' too early
 * (-) Changed:     Increased accuracy of laser tower beam

Version 1.3.8LU October 8, 2014

Code Base: Zebra

 * (4) Fixed:       OCV home sector wasn't producing wares past a count of 2000 each
 * (3) Fixed:       Revelation defend event now only starts in valid races sectors
 * (2) Fixed:       MLCC bomber debug rename
 * (2) Fixed:       Dockware Manager, coloured ship names in upgrade menu difficult to tell what was selected
 * (2) Fixed:       Dockware Manager, no longer adds equipment, upgrades, or licenses on group add
 * (2) Fixed:       Dockware Manager, Removed "Ammunition" category
 * (2) Fixed:       Terran stock exchange readtext error
 * (2) Fixed:       Revelation ATF "bounty hunter" or whatever renamed to ATF Flotilla
 * (-) Changed:     Dockware Manager menu, Upgrade Ships filters ships running commands
 * (-) Changed:     Auction Cargo Stations command now only works when docked at shipyards
 * (-) Changed:     New sector pick routine for invasion jobs
 * (-) Changed:     Limited the amount of drones a fleet will launch

Version 1.3.7LU October 4, 2014

Code Base: Zebra

 * (>9000) Fixed: Fucking Kuiper belt misspelled.
 * (4) Fixed:     Flail factories were producing chaff
 * (4) Fixed:     Freighter fixed using overstock function
 * (4) Fixed:     Phanon hunters were not stopping scan task after being captured/bailed
 * (4) Fixed:     OOS laser re-balance, much testing; it's very close now.
 * (3) Fixed:     Some smaller NPC ships had no weapons or shields and it sucked
 * (3) Fixed:     UTs getting stuck on taking refuge
 * (3) Fixed:     Rep requirements for lasers
 * (3) Fixed:     MLCC bombers turret issue fixed
 * (3) Fixed:     Missile boats range check before firing tweaked, removed boarding pod selection bug
 * (3) Fixed:     M8 turret change from 1.3.3 fixed
 * (3) Fixed:     Revelation was using import values when turning Revelation back on; it shouldn't
 * (2) Fixed:     Debug spam on attacking Phanon traders removed
 * (2) Fixed:     Menu claim range versus hotkey claim range (again)
 * (2) Fixed:     Direct deposit debug spam removed
 * (2) Fixed:     Removed flickering in Plutarch Tractor System menu; optimization.
 * (2) Fixed:     Script command _add default items_ no longer adds more than max
 * (2) Fixed:     Bailed pilots of larger ships had the same stats/name
 * (1) Fixed:     Omicron Channel gates updates to Gorbs
 * (1) Fixed:     Chaff missile icon fixed
 * (1) Fixed:     Betty didn't say Alpha Particle Cannon correctly 
 * (1) Fixed:     Fixed Ship Compendium ship view showing missiles for main turret
 * (-) Changed:   NPC fight routine now uses drones if available
 * (-) Changed:   Tweaked missile boat missile ranges, speeds slightly
 * (-) Changed:   Player to player station selling now adds to trade report for station
 * (-) Changed:   Some minor ship stat changes (laser: G, R, cargo: M5, M4, M3)
 * (-) Changed:   With some of the OOS combat changes, slowing OCV expansion by about 20% was necessary
 * (-) Changed:   Template outfit menu now filters ships running commands (beautiful suggestion)
 * (-) Changed:   Trade Product Search and Ship Compendium now respect ware discovery status
 * (-) Changed:   Phanon, OCV, now enemies
 * (-) Changed:   Chaff no longer destroys missiles fired by the same race
 * (-) Changed:   Ships don't bounce against drones anymore
 * (-) Changed:   Fighter drone cost, stats balanced; keris now uses plasma gun
 * (-) Changed:   Jumpdrive core costs increased, ERD requirements increased
 * (-) Changed:   Betty will no longer warn you when your ships are attacked in same sector, also increased delay between warnings
 * (-) Changed:   Humbled the engine effects
 * (-) Upgraded:  New games now load last hotkey profile
 * (-) Upgraded:  Global ship naming added ability to filter by wing and homebase
 * (-) Upgraded:  Can now remove ship types from MLCC configuration
 * (-) Upgraded:  Tahlmorra's Revelation military flash reports
 * (-) Upgraded:  All ships now have varying marine capacity (none lower than before)
 * (-) Upgraded:  Added another page to Ship Compendium showing docking capability, added marine capacity
 * (-) Upgraded:  Ship Compendium shows race in red if rep too low to buy ship
 * (-) Upgraded:  Several new script commands
 * (-) Upgraded:  Phanon, OCV now their own separate race.  The OCV are *not* Xenon.
 * (-) Upgraded:  Activate Emergency Retreat Drive hotkey implemented
 * (-) Upgraded:  Trade Product Search has new "mode" option; [Feature_Trade_Product_Search TPS]
 * (-) Upgraded:  From Zebra on, save games will show data and codebase version in menus _properly_
 * (-) Upgraded:  Trade Product Search now shows some average, universally known info on wares

Version 1.3.6LU September 18th, 2014

Code Base: Cougar

 * (4) Fixed:  "H!"  "Fuck" "tits!"
 * (2) Fixed:  Brain fart in station agent
 * (2) Fixed:  MLCC escorts weren't moving on to the next task when their leader left the sector in some conditions
 * (2) Fixed:  Non homebased couriers now do not have number assignments
 * (2) Fixed:  Sectors Zyarth's Dominion, Zyarth's Stand, Unknown Sector Nu, updated descriptions.
 * (2) Fixed:  Earth now a viable target for Deploy Satellite
 * (1) Fixed:  MLCC assist menu pops up again after requesting successful assist
 * (1) Fixed:  Trade product search jump now works, renamed 'dock at' just in case your autojump isn't set
 * (1) Fixed:  Betty shuts up after you start jumping on script initiated player jumps (countdown)

Version 1.3.5LU September 17th, 2014

Code Base: Ape

 * (5) Fixed:  Vanilla bug where if a ship was firing a missile through a turret at the same time it left a gate, game would crash.
 * (5) Fixed:  MLCC fighter wings could cause a freeze if the carrier was jumped out of sector
 * (4) Fixed:  UTs issue with black listing wares (thanks, Raaaak)
 * (4) Fixed:  TL's marine combat training had debug values still in there, enabling the class to finish in 10ish seconds.
 * (4) Fixed:  MLCC ships no longer target bailed ships / astronauts
 * (3) Fixed:  Selling missiles/shields to equipment docks was not being recorded in the trade reports properly.
 * (3) Fixed:  Scan Asteroids wasn't setting the asteroids to known
 * (3) Fixed:  One more check for Phanon traders and enemies
 * (3) Fixed:  STs were not respecting jump range (thanks, Raaaak)
 * (3) Fixed:  Docking ship could become stuck if timed right and carrier had carrier command software
 * (3) Fixed:  Carrier command software could allow more than able to dock with external docking ports.
 * (3) Fixed:  STs had a few issues in the local search code
 * (3) Fixed:  Missile chaff: mosquito missile ROF reduced, increased flash/destruction speed, eliminated spam exploit
 * (3) Fixed:  Mistral SF cockpit fixed
 * (3) Fixed:  SCH wasn't handling automatic installation of minerals from asteroids correctly
 * (3) Fixed:  ATF volunteers weren't jumping on an insurgency event
 * (3) Fixed:  OCV was searching for all race M4s in sector to base off build list, which included all freighters, resulting in more ships than necessary
 * (2) Fixed:  Stations were missing explosion effects
 * (2) Fixed:  Remote drop factory now filters out complex construction kits
 * (2) Fixed:  Remote Control System range didn't match menu claim range (formula issue)
 * (2) Fixed:  Removed template array debug spam
 * (2) Fixed:  Tugs return home if their target flagged ships were destroyed
 * (2) Fixed:  MLCC now shows "MLCC: Responding" or "MLCC: AWaiting go code", as opposed to "None" when requesting assistance
 * (1) Fixed:  Debug spam, missile ROE
 * (1) Fixed:  Pirate anarchy port replaced with pirate base
 * (1) Fixed:  SCH's "Extraneous Station Info" was showing [40] yields for stations that don't use minerals
 * (-) Changed:  Shipyard trade menu: docks show description in monitor window as opposed to a blank
 * (-) Changed:  Jumpdrive cores now registered from game start
 * (-) Changed:  UTs now refuel if jump energy is less than 8 jumps before going for a buy run
 * (-) Changed:  Script command get station best (sell/buy) price updated to include start sector; script kiddies ensure you update your scripts if you used this
 * (-) Changed:  Removed "DINK" sounds from FLC and agent level up
 * (-) Changed:  MLCC autonaming now includes homebase name; keep your MLCC dock names short
 * (-) Changed:  Mosquito missiles no longer exist; replaced with Chaff
 * (-) Changed:  Templates no longer locked to maximum of 40 jumps of energy cells
 * (-) Changed:  OCV stations start with full shields
 * (-) Changed:  Removed all object description voice overs; they didn't match all the changes anyway
 * (-) Changed:  Some missiles stats, big change on all missile prices and their respective factories
 * (-) Changed:  TLs will no longer allow you to drop an HQ if you already have one built
 * (-) Changed:  Added a 5Km distance bufffer for jumping within same sector (autojump min jump 0) to a target (with jump if distance is less than)
 * (-) Changed:  Made a new gate model as bounce was liking them
 * (-) Upgraded:  Optimized get station best price, security checks, agent behaviour
 * (-) Upgraded:  New script command: is named script on stack of task=
 * (-) Upgraded:  New script command: is sector security threat in owned scanner range: sector=, ship not a threat up to gun count=
 * (-) Upgraded:  New script command: needed jump drive energy for jumps
 * (-) Upgraded:  New script command: max jump range based on cargo energy
 * (-) Upgraded:  Reaper go home hotkey now reports and unloads as though it finished (will finish getting current ware first)
 * (-) Upgraded:  Missile chaff: Mosquito missiles, when fired, will target the nearest incoming missile, regardless of current target
 * (-) Upgraded:  New message displays for EI, various user errors, quickshuttle feedback
 * (-) Upgraded:  Changed LOD of all turrets, which made me have to realign all components (this was WAY more work than I wanted it to be)
 * (-) Upgraded:  Universe explorers and asteroid scanners will now cooperate (in a fashion), and lock sectors/asteroids
 * (-) Upgraded:  Neutral ships (bailed ships), now show up in a separate section in the sector map
 * (-) Upgraded:  Changed positioning of some trade menus so high cost items don't overlap with stock display
 * (-) Upgraded:  Ware videos removed, replaced with description of ware (many rewritten to fit in info window)
 * (-) Upgraded:  6 new sectors, Terran sectors moved, no more odd jumps (e.g. vanilla heretics end to asteroid belt)
 * (-) Upgraded:  Rewrote docking information for ships and stations to make it clearer; only 5.5 hours!
 * (-) Upgraded:  included Courier command
 * (-) Upgraded:  Fixed a performance issue with Bounce
 * (-) Upgraded:  Larxyz's LU specific HQ model implemented, now with a M6/TS docking bay
 * (-) Upgraded:  Terran have 3 new missiles, respective factories
 * (-) Upgraded:  AI ships now chaff if their fightskill is high enough
 * (-) Upgraded:  Vanilla bug: Script commands running jump on player ship respect SETA
 * (-) Upgraded:  MLCC Retreat missions now:  Escort Me: Protect, Escort Me: Attack Same, Escort Me: Attack Nearest
 * (-) Upgraded:  Larxyz's LU specific Xenon Dock model implemented
 * (-) Upgraded:  Betty now speaks all wares, including new LU wares; some ware names changed
 * (-) Upgraded:  Three tiers of CCDS (Chaff Countermeasure Defence Systems) implemented

Version 1.3.4LU Holy Month of Joubarbe 20, 2014

Code Base: Sloth

 * _*This patch does not require an import/export*_

* (-) Changed: Scan asteroids autonamed * (-) Changed: Phanon traders now check for enemies like UTs do

Version 1.3.3LU Holy Month of Joubarbe 19, 2014

Code Base: Sloth

 * (4) Fixed: Added safeguards to prevent a game crash if a ship docks while another ship is still launching a swam missile at it.
 * (4) Fixed: Shady jobs were not spawning properly
 * (3) Fixed: Debug spam when moving credits from station to player account via hotkey 
 * (3) Fixed: Fighter pilot says bailing lines and stops for 10 sec, then restarts without bailing
 * (3) Fixed: Dockware Manager Upgrade Ship wasn't allowing install of wares after a non-compatible transport class ware
 * (3) Fixed: Sometimes ships jump in with zero laser energy.  The change sector recharge now only works on playership
 * (3) Fixed: Xenon invasion jobs were only choosing Argon sectors.  Poor fuckers.
 * (3) Fixed: M8 missile turrets split into two, one for offense, one for defense.
 * (3) Fixed: Shop for SCH bypassed station purchase rep requirements
 * (3) Fixed: Argon Equipment Dock capital dock lanes lowered to avoid undock collision
 * (3) Fixed: Station Agent was trying to buy energy cells for it's Saturn Complex Hub
 * (2) Fixed: Safe Undocking was attempting to run on ships that are OOS.
 * (2) Fixed: Penatron Advanced price fixed
 * (2) Fixed: Bailed ships no longer remove cargobay extension
 * (1) Fixed: Text changes for TS+ ships, typo with PBG
 * (-) Changed: Bail logging disabled
 * (-) Changed: Bailed ships no longer keep any ware worth over 2 million (too fragile?)
 * (-) Changed: Station Agent behaviour completely changed (See: [Feature_Station_Agent Station Agent])
 * (-) Changed: As you can dock at enemy pirate docks, added foe check to stations for trade routines
 * (-) Changed: Stations can no longer be built within a 5KM radius of a point 5KM in front of a gate
 * (-) Changed: McCallum and Starliner docks now renamed to equipment docks; you will have to rename already placed.
 * (-) Changed: Damage has greater impact on sale price
 * (-) Changed: Races don't hate each other as much (Terran/ATF)
 * (-) Changed: ATF join the fight against the OCV when the OCV reach a certain distance from home
 * (-) Changed: Delay on mosquito chaff effect to prevent fired missiles from being destroyed
 * (-) Changed: Sell Spare Equipment command now ignores currently installed missile
 * (-) Upgraded: Added support for Race Local variables
 * (-) Upgraded: Added race masking to the script engine
 * (-) Upgraded: Implemented Race 3-13 (+10 new races for scripts)(Reserved for future LU usage!)
 * (-) Upgraded: Added ability to clear a trade report
 * (-) Upgraded: Autonaming now handles up to 1000 ships
 * (-) Upgraded: Implemented Direct Deposit command (automatic station credit transfer)
 * (-) Upgraded: You can now set your home point through the player console

Version Hotfix Holy Month of Joubarbe 10, 2014

 * _*This patch is a hotfix, and must be applied on top of 1.3.2 - Contains changes in the Hotfix*_
 * _*This hotfix does not require Export/Import*_
 * (5) Fixed: Lockup being cause by a corrupted M2MD script due to a compiler error and incorrect usage of a command.

Version Hotfix Holy Month of Joubarbe 7, 2014

 * _*This patch is a hotfix, and must be applied on top of 1.3.2 - it does not contain changes from any previous patch.*_
 * _*This hotfix does not require Export/Import*_
 * (5) Fixed: Lockup being caused by in sector combat related to captial ships & M2MD scripts.

Version 1.3.2 Holy Month of Joubarbe 6, 2014

 * _*This patch requires an import/export; exports from V1.2.5 and up are compatible.  See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_

* (5) Fixed: SIGNAL_TARGETED was accidentally starting SIGNAL_ATTACKED's command script causing the player to loose control of their ship * (4) Fixed: EI was not syncing job times (spawning everything it could on the start when EI set game time) * (4) Fixed: OWPs no longer bail * (-) Changed: Bails tuned

Version 1.3.1 Holy Month of Joubarbe 3, 2014

 * _*This patch requires an import/export; exports from V1.2.5 and up are compatible.  See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_

* (4) Fixed: Fighters breaking off attacks too early

Version 1.3.0 Holy Month of Joubarbe 3, 2014

 * _*This patch requires an import/export.  See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_
* _*This patch requires a reinstall of the base mod*_

* (2) Changed: Context menu remote system control software wasn't set to 4Km * (-) Changed: Joubarbe's moon fixed (Thyn's Excavation) * (-) Changed: Xenon Sector 472 has it's shattered planet now * (-) Changed: Removed salvager name highlighting * (-) Changed: Hull requirements before bailing is even considered have been tweaked (lower value) * (-) Changed: Bailing now only has once chance per 5 minutes * (-) Changed: Crate drops are now slightly less than half as frequent * (-) Upgraded: Signal_Targeted now implemented (Jack08's code) * (-) Upgraded: Special routine for capital ships with main guns to minimize ramming

Version 1.2.5 Joubarbe 2, 2014

 * _*This patch requires an import/export.  See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_
* _*Patch contains all previous changes from 1.2.1 and up*_

* (4) Fixed: emergency jump had issues when OOS * (4) Fixed: emergency jump with an ERD wasn't jumping when it lacked cores * (3) Fixed: Collect wares command now works in same sector if ship is docked * (1) Fixed: Terran's lasertower icon is now a laser tower icon as opposed to an M5 icon * (1) Fixed: A few more safeguards implemented to keep people from fucking up ships names and export compatibility * (-) Changed: Reduced range of Remote System Control to 4Km * (-) Changed: Missile to missile defence now only works with M8s * (-) Changed: M8s will no longer dock while following (due to M2MD) * (-) Changed: Phanon shop list updated * (-) Upgraded: Modders have a way of registering stuff in the EI ([Modders_Resource_RegisterEI Modders Resource: Register to EI]) * (-) Upgraded: Universal bailing implemented (See: [Feature_Universal_Bailing Universal Bailing]) * (-) Upgraded: Implemented salvager jobs to clean up * (-) Upgraded: All job patrol scripts rewritten; patrols will no longer smile/wave/moon/flash tits as they fly by enemies * (-) Upgraded: Phanon corp subsidiaries can now be fired if their performance is low

Version 1.2.4 July 28, 2014

 * _*This patch requires an import/export.  See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_
* _*Patch contains all previous changes from 1.2.1 and up*_

* (4) Fixed: MLCC fighters stopping when no enemy within carrier's set range * (2) Fixed: Reaper reporting incorrect number of wares collected * (2) Fixed: Encyclopedia showing readtext0-0 when item with no info was selected * (-) Changed: Fuel Quickshuttle (and all supply commands) now return home to load if wares available * (-) Upgraded: Implemented [Feature_Missile_Boat_Missile_Defence Missile Boat Missile Defence] * (-) Upgraded: Added Terran ice mines for sale * (-) Upgraded: New weapon lighting effects

Version 1.2.3 July 14, 2014

 * _*This patch does not require an import/export*_
 * _*Patch contains all previous changes from 1.2.1 and up*_

* (3) Fixed: FLC in rainmeter (skin updated to 1.3 on download page)

Version 1.2.2 July 13, 2014

 * _*This patch does not require an import/export*_
 * _*Patch contains all previous changes from 1.2.1 and up*_
 * _*This patch requires you to first install the GUI Installer from the [02_Download_Instructions Download Page]_

* (4) Fixed: imported Phanon Corp resets when it's not supposed to * (3) Fixed: MLCC ships no longer load energy in place of missiles when restocking * (3) Fixed: ships were loading entire amount of missiles or tech wares (jump cores) when docking

Version 1.2.1 July 12, 2014

 * _*This patch does not require an import/export*_

* (3) Fixed: rainmeter script * (3) Fixed: UT purchasing amount now respects fuel resupply like agents do * (2) Fixed: Qlaser set rapid fire exploit * (2) Fixed: command "None" again; oh, X-Studio * (1) Fixed: command help descriptions * (-) Upgraded: more Curlsworth loadscreens

Version 1.2.0 July 11, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.1.3 and up_
* _*This patch requires an import/export to fix known issues. See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_

* (5) Fixed: *finally* tracked down this Phanon Corp negative laser bug (causes a crash when the ship is destroyed, rare) * (3) Fixed: Carriers (including MLCC carriers) were loading more than they should when docking * (3) Fixed: capital ships with main guns now use default attack routine * (3) Fixed: dreadnoughts were supposed to have boarding defences built in * (3) Fixed: UT: prefuel errors weren't reporting properly, possible causing UTs to fly without jumping * (3) Fixed: retreating MLCC ships would sometimes retreat one at a time * (3) Fixed: after 4 years, fixed Phanon Corporation morale issue for ships * (3) Fixed: UTs should no longer jump to enemy sectors when attacked * (2) Fixed: Trade report shows incorrect price for items purchased when upgrading multiple ships at shipyard simultaneously * (2) Fixed: Missile safety issue with ships destroyed before missile safety turns off * (2) Fixed: vanilla exploit: collecting a shield ware from space instantly resets a ship's shields * (2) Fixed: PX shields wrong * (2) Fixed: collecting credits with the collect ware command caused credits to be installed into the ship * (2) Fixed: PX left turret config was set to front * (2) Fixed: Rainmeter skin now shows ranks (you'll have to download the new LU for Rainmeter update) * (2) Fixed: implemented Laserzwölf und 1's changes for station agent picking manage wares * (2) Fixed: station transfer credit set low water mark menu wasnt remembering, minimum was 1000 * (1) Fixed: typos on EBC, HEPT descriptions * (1) Fixed: did a thing in tug command, and added a version checker * (-) Changed: M6, TM, TS, TP do not wait for gate jumps anymore (wasn't TC this way??) * (-) Changed: added marines to commonwealth ships * (-) Changed: jumping no longer restores laser energy * (-) Changed: sector greek letters capitalized * (-) Changed: player stat "Ships captured" changed to "Ships bailed" * (-) Changed: no stations within 12 KM of each other or within 8 KM of gate lanes, sector size changes and station rearrangements * (-) Upgraded: MLCC task descriptions fixed * (-) Upgraded: MLCC bomber task reworked, now a turret setting and monitor routine * (-) Upgraded: MLCC new task added: escort * (-) Upgraded: Added modernized version of set global homebase /w search string * (-) Upgraded: Added TrixX's LU weapon/missile icons * (-) Upgraded: weapon effects; all weapons now have light for impact and launch, cleaned up a few, organized effects.txt * (-) Upgraded: added script command _add marines_ * (-) Upgraded: added script command _add default equipment_ * (-) Upgraded: added script command _bail ship_ * (-) Upgraded: added script command _eject ware_ * (-) Upgraded: Phanon Corporation loadouts change per generation * (-) Upgraded: Phanon Corporation traders now eject wares, jump away * (-) Upgraded: new Curlsworth load screens

Version 1.1.9 July 7, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.1.3 and up_
* _*This patch does not require an import/export*_

* (5) Fixed: forgot a dot at the end of the Damyath Light description * (5) Fixed: implemented Jack08's fix for some money issues, rendering no credits withdrawn * (5) Fixed: implemented Jack08's search lockup fix * (3) Fixed: Valhalla can't turn (among other dreadnoughts) * (3) Fixed: Hammerhead missile factory not available in SCH menu was caused by it not actually being sold (galaxy map fix) * (3) Fixed: Pirate Buster cannot fire * (3) Fixed: Phanon Corp sets up in Kingdom end if their HQ was destroyed when performing EI * (3) Fixed: shouldn't be more than one valhalla in the universe * (2) Fixed: escaping the remote drop factory command brought up the galaxy menu * (2) Fixed: Dock agents don't sell the same ware at the same time anymore * (1) Fixed: removed a debug message from collect astronaut * (-) Changed: Quickshuttle selection menu uses new selection display * (-) Changed: DWM template outfit allows all stations to be set to homebase * (-) Upgraded: Dockware Manager sources and thresholds now sorted

Version 1.1.8 June 27, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.1.3 and up_
* _*This patch does not require an import/export*_

* (4) Fixed: SCH not adding secondary resources (disengage, reengage after patch) * (4) Fixed: FINALLY fixed the damn nav sat export bug; typo. * (3) Fixed: Rainmeter skin FLC display, added to download page * (2) Fixed: pirate penatron advanced augmented * (1) Fixed: SCH debug spam.

Version 1.1.7 June 26, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.1.3 and up_
* _*This patch requires an import/export to fix known issues. See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_

* (5) Fixed: a bug in Station Agent that would cause a hang * (4) Fixed: MLCC threat assesment for sortie fixed * (3) Fixed: build station mission was requesting an SCH build * (3) Fixed: EI bug - Fenrirs / shields: import now adds tunings first (fenrirs didn't have cargo space) * (3) Fixed: Dockware manager was allowing more than what should have been allowed to be purchased * (3) Fixed: Tug docking rewritten; tested, and no stuck ships * (3) Fixed: player traders only selling 250 of ware when more viable trade ops exist * (3) Fixed: Dockware Manager - Upgrade Ships was allowing transport class restricted wares to be bought for ships * (3) Fixed: by Jack08, uncool race ship blueprints being sold * (3) Fixed: some stock exchange sotck set a max 0 trades, as a result, max trading per transaction a time is limited to 500,000,000 credits * (3) Fixed: astronauts were disappearing when using collect astronaut command * (3) Fixed: HQ now docks produced ships properly; if there's a docking port available it will create the ship properly * (2) Fixed: defend station mission no longer sends odd reward message * (2) Fixed: move to position now works properly * (2) Fixed: some laser energy requirements fixed * (2) Fixed: Xenon invasion mission no longer sends odd reward message * (2) Fixed: type fixed in ship info menu * (2) Fixed: debug spam in ship outfit template * (2) Fixed: player ship couldn't be teleported with the carrier command software * (2) Fixed: collect ware instantly teleporting ware despite range * (2) Fixed: Collect wares would get stuck on transport class error * (1) Fixed: UTs now use the LU Refuel.Pre routine, eliminating breaking the sector rules for refuelling UTs * (1) Fixed: Saturn SCH Shop weirdness with no SCH selected * (1) Fixed: mouse now works on custom menu value sliders * (1) Fixed: Pirate bayamon cargo fixed * (1) Fixed: ship claiming set to vanilla default routine when using remote system command software * (1) Fixed: IPG descriptions * (1) Fixed: docks/shipyards no longer spawn in player, xenon, khaak or khaak owned sectors * (-) Changed: Terran used ships now offered * (-) Changed: a label in Tug, hope it helps from getting ships stuck * (-) Changed: docking no longer sets shields to 100% (this was far more work than you may think) * (-) Changed: orbital weapon platforms weapon load-outs adjusted. * (-) Changed: Gamma Ray Cannon notoriety required * (-) Changed: flagship entourage augmented * (-) Changed: some M2 transport classes * (-) Changed: Pirate plunderers range expanded * (-) Changed: renamed "Allow station transfer" to "Include in credit transfer" * (-) Changed: removed a planet to make Argon Prime socks fit in window (stock amounts are based on planet count) * (-) Changed: renamed "Drop Factory" to "Remote Drop Factory" and disabled use IS * (-) Changed: rewrote Drop Factory description * (-) Changed: removed flight times and set global homebase * (-) Changed: removed marine search command * (-) Changed: removed transport ships command * (-) Changed: ship accelerations tweaked * (-) Changed: Bounce removed for Terran stations and astronaunts * (-) Changed: Bounce added for capital ships * (-) Changed: HUD missile readout position changed by a few pixels * (-) Changed: Pirate and Yaki trading same as Teladi now in terms of notoriety req. to buy ships, certain wares, etc * (-) Changed: trade product search now ignores player stations and empty buy stations * (-) Changed: Remote Drop Factory no longer supports dropping mines * (-) Upgraded: missile safety implemented (with distance check, not time) * (-) Upgraded: new script command: set menu option: , icon= * (-) Upgraded: new script command: = format number: number= , billions= , format wrapper= * (-) Upgraded: new script command: = sum billion arrays: first= , second= * (-) Upgraded: new script command: = add to billion array: array= , number= * (-) Upgraded: new script command: = multiply billion array: array= , number= * (-) Upgraded: every ship and station now has a trade report * (-) Upgraded: trade report now handles quadrillions * (-) Upgraded: Move Logistics command modernized and added to SCH wiki * (-) Upgraded: new script command: get shipyards sells ware: ware=, jumps=, flags=, exclude= * (-) Upgraded: Supply Ware Command easier menu * (-) Upgraded: Trade Product Search easier menu, moved to dynamic * (-) Upgraded: Tractor Asteroid menu modernized * (-) Upgraded: modernized Global ship renaming tool in player console; it's pretty slick now. * (-) Upgraded: Ship Info menu renamed Ship Compendium, loads substantially faster, now must know shipyard to see ship * (-) Upgraded: SCH & SCH calculator now LU dynamic menu; also supports quadrillion credit displays * (-) Upgraded: SCH EI now fully supported. Partially build SCH, engaged SCH, etc. all EI appropriately * (-) Upgraded: ship and station info menus now show all dock port capabilities depending on class * (-) Upgraded: buy/sell signal added to shipyard * (-) Upgraded: non-script safe undocking implemented * (-) Upgraded: FLC display added to player menu * (-) Upgraded: flag for tug is now a toggle; can unflag a ship * (-) Upgraded: station friendly fire implemented * (-) Upgraded: collect astronauts can now use transporter device * (-) Upgraded: relation/trade rank change subtitle now shows race or rank type * (-) Upgraded: EI from 1.1.7 on no longer requires moving/renaming the export file.

Version 1.1.6 June 6, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.1.3 and up_

* (3) Fixed: accidentally overwrote Panther name with description * (-) Changed: TM weapon energy, recharge rate augmented * (-) Changed: Dumbfire missiles removed from capital ships

Version 1.1.5 June 5, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.1.3 and up_

* (4) Fixed: "FLC, Motherfucker!" debug text removed.

Version 1.1.4 June 5, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.1.3 and up_

* (4) Fixed: Export would be bugged if you owned a navigational satellite * (2) Fixed: Dockware manager was adding ammunition when adding HQ ware group * (1) Fixed: Dock Agent & Station Agent over 100% XP bug * (-) Changed: Reduced the time the tug would wait to restart ships getting stuck docking. * (-) Changed: stock exchange available stocks now shows.. what's available.. (total - owned) * (-) Changed: stock exchange menu title now cleaner * (-) Changed: Move Freight command renamed to Freighter * (-) Changed: Get Fuel command description * (-) Changed: Sector trader ranges tweaked very slightly * (-) Changed: Panther description * (-) Changed: removed Dock Agent & Station Agent log entries for level up * (-) Changed: Sector Trader ship names now automated and standardized * (-) Changed: mosquito missile agility increased * (-) Upgraded: overhauled template manager menu, more accessible display * (-) Upgraded: Dock Agent & Station Agent more informative task tags, no more station not found messages * (-) Upgraded: Missile Only turret command run on missiles boats now runs a special mosquito missile defence

Version 1.1.3 June, 3, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
 * (4) Fixed: Dockware Manager could sometimes incorrectly removing deprecated wares; showed Impulse Ray Emitters in trade menu
 * (3) Fixed: Trading would sometimes return no station found for equipment wares
 * (3) Fixed: Station Agent wasn't pausing on manage when station set to standby
 * (3) Fixed: 4 Terran weapon forges were not sold in Uranus as they should have been; map fix only on new start
 * (3) Fixed: Dockware Manager would not add wares with _set group_ in some circumstances
 * (3) Fixed: Tug bug was sending tug to pickup ship at location even if it was already docked
 * (3) Fixed: Barracuda Advanced couldn't fire weapons
 * (3) Fixed: Logich was using commonwealth missiles
 * (2) Fixed: Pirate Penatron description text added
 * (2) Fixed: Export/Import no longer starts UT when it wasn't running the command
 * (2) Fixed: Export/Import starts sector traders properly
 * (2) Fixed: Dockware Manager would show null% storage when capacity was set to 0
 * (1) Fixed: Quickshuttle typo in hotkeys; won't change until an import/export, but very minor
 * (1) Fixed: Constaculating the influxuation of depesthetic congluancies no longer runs until an import is finished
 * (1) Fixed: typo in SCH calculator
 * (1) Fixed: spelling errors in several messages from Phanon and Revelation.
 * (1) Fixed: spelling errors in Omicron Channel sector descriptions; you should read them
 * (1) Fixed: a few lasers and ships still had _Betty_ descriptions; all are now stripped
 * (1) Fixed: Nova Prototype description was missing
 * (-) Changed: station allow NPC trading flag name to "Station is open for trading" to better reflect its purpose in LU
 * (-) Changed: Station Agent class changed to freighter
 * (-) Changed: Fuel Quickshuttle now requires supply command software
 * (-) Changed: Carrier Command Software can now only be used by huge ships
 * (-) Changed: Explorer Command Software added to two more docks; map fix only on new start
 * (-) Changed: Completely removed repair laser from all turrets
 * (-) Upgraded: Quickshuttle Fuel rewritten; wiki updated
 * (-) Upgraded: Supply Command Software now able to provide equipment wares
 * (-) Upgraded: Export/Import speed slightly optimized
 * (-) Upgraded: Export/Import now saves Phanon Corporation's current sector
 * (-) Upgraded: Export/Import now imports mineral mine stations properly
 * (-) Upgraded: Export/Import now saves turret command configurations
 * (-) Upgraded: Export/Import now saves wings
 * (-) Upgraded: Rearm rewritten
 * (-) Upgraded: Refuel rewritten
 * (-) Upgraded: Stock exchange slider now maxes out at what you can afford, and also takes into account tariff costs
 * (-) Upgraded: Missile descriptions rewritten, _Betty_ descriptions completely stripped
 * (-) Upgraded: Tug now has ship stripping options
 * (-) Upgraded: Added LU descriptions for lasers AKE, BKE, GKE, PBC, RL
 * (-) Upgraded: Added LU descriptions for OCV ships O, deca.fade, PX, R, G, V, T

Version 1.1.2 May, 29, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
 * (4) Fixed: Trade Run: Sell could crash when selling energy cells

Version 1.1.1 May, 29, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
 * (1) Fixed: Revelation message was displaying sector as null
 * (1) Fixed: Fighter was listed twice in ERD description
 * (-) Upgraded:  Marine Training command overhauled

Version 1.1.0 May, 28, 2014

 * _*This patch requires an import/export to fix known issues.  See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_
 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
 * _Really_ sorry I had to do this, but this patch is necessary to maintain future compatibility with 3rd party export/import shit.

Version 1.0.7 May, 28, 2014

 * _*This patch requires an import/export to fix known issues.  See: [Feature_Export_Import Export/Import]_
 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
 * Fixed: logbook number spam
 * Fixed: serious issue with UT signals; bug is very rare, but problematic
 * Fixed: dock agent, station agent, UT attacked scripts now stop when they've been re-purposed
 * Fixed: deploy satellite center config shouldn't re-place center sats anymore
 * Fixed: station agent may switch to _manage_ after being attacked
 * Fixed: deploy satellite menu debug spam removed

Version 1.0.6 May, 27, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
 * Fixed: Station Agent not resetting properly when new script version detected (resets to manage, always).

Version 1.0.5 May, 27, 2014

 * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
 * Fixed: some spelling errors
 * Fixed: non-transporter device collect wares in sector only collecting 1 ware, then idling
 * Fixed: build station briefing
 * Fixed: Mandalay description
 * Fixed: jumping with carried ships forcing ship to fly through gates
 * Fixed: Carrier Command Software was allowing too many ships to dock
 * Fixed: "wait past station chan" debug log removed
 * Fixed: Reap shuttle wasn't set correctly, giving you an error tone  Reset your reap shuttle in player console
 * Fixed: After considering a specific bug, big TS ships back to XL cargo classes.  TLs need a place
 * Fixed: Argon Mammoth sold at Family Pride shipyard removed
 * Fixed: Vulture Prototype rear turret only mounted repair laser
 * Fixed: Dock Agents now play nice together.  Dock agents won't buy the same ware at the same time, and won't overstock (unless flagged to)

Version 1.0.4 May, 15, 2014

  * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
  * Changed version display

Version 1.0.3 May, 12, 2014

  * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
  * Added docking music.

Version 1.0.2 May, 12, 2014

  * _Patch contains all previous changes from 1.0.1 and up_
  * Fixed: Tships test issue (Aamon super ship).

Version 1.0.1 May, 12, 2014

  * Fixed: read text error for lasers.

Version 1.0.0 May, 11, 2014

 * Release
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