SWLU is a mod for X3AP Litcube’s Universe 1.7.2 built from the ground-up originally using ship assets from Mikhail Skatchkav’s Star Wars Reborn Mod for X3AP.

All ships have had their thruster effects, camera positions, and gun placements fixed or tweaked in addition to the many gameplay changes that come with LU.

305 total Star Wars ships (counting variants) are added in addition to all ~400 vanilla/LU ships, and can be bought in special sectors.

With LU, you can finally have the massive X3AP star wars space battles you have always dreamed of!

Credit for the original ship models goes to Warb Null, Jeroenimo, Dinoff, and MikSka’s team behind Star Wars Reborn. Also thanks to Litcube for making LU and his extremely useful Excel editors. Cockpit assets originally by PSCO1, Swefan Italia, and Klaus11.

Ship list

Starting in version 1.3, Alaankwa by Temetvince is incorporated into SWLU.

1.3 Changelog

——|Official Discord Link|——

——| SWLU Version 1.3.0 (December 22, 2022) |——

Main Changes:

  • Re-added capital ship bailing, they start to bail when your fight rank is high enough.
    TL – rank 19
    M7 – rank 19
    M1 – rank 28
    M2 – rank 28
  • Incorportated Alaankwa into SWLU (https://github.com/temetvince/alaankwa)
  • Readded some mission types removed by LU
  • Incorporated LU into game files, no more installing LU first
  • Fixed “incorrect version of EXE file” for nonsteam executable (From the X3AP 3.3 update)
  • Fixed Miners hitting asteroids
  • Several ship bug fixes
  • UTs now sell extra wares in their cargo bay
  • Several more fixes (Check https://github.com/temetvince/alaankwa for better descriptions on features)
  • Dynamic shipyards are a new system for adding new ships to ingame shipyards easier.
  • Bosses v1. There are Imperial and Rebel bosses that will spawn in their respective territory. Killing one spawns another until the questline is complete.
  • A full text version of the LU Wiki is now inside of the encyclopedia.
  • SWLU tips, laser info, etc are all in the encyclopedia as well.

Gamestart Changes:

  • New gamestart: Imperial Recruit
    Similar to Empire’s finest, but not with a Tie Defender
  • Empire’s finest is now called Imperial Commander, and is scripted. (You still start in a Tie Defender)

Map Changes:

  • Added three new pirate sectors near Imperial Space
  • Updated map image included with install

Ship Changes:

  • Most TL class ships now have two medium ship dock ports to make Mothership more viable (Some only have one due to size issues)
  • Added thruster to astronaut
  • Added Trade Capabilities to Astronaut.
  • Added Corellian Destroyer to the Republic (Still with NR also), also added Assault Frigate Mk1 to Rebels (Still in NR also)
  • Prototype ISD has been retextured
  • Fixed cockpits on the GX ships.
  • Fixed issues with Free-Virgillia.
  • Fixed an issue with the Neb-B, TShips shows 6 docking slots, but there are only 5 in the scene (4 fighter, one TS)

New Assets:

Tie Inquisitor
Tie M1 Experimental
Howlrunner I7
Captor Cruiser
Enforcer class picket ship
Tie Avenger
Tie Striker
Tie Scout
Vindicator Heavy Cruiser
Imperial Venator
Fang class Starfighter
Hyena Bomber
HMP Droid Gunship
Trade Federation Super Freighter

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