Export & Import

A system used to export your empire and import it again for various reasons which could include mod error, code change patch, or testing.


Litcube’s Universe comes packaged with the ability to export your empire including statistics (kills, favourite ships), relations, property, loadouts, game time, play time, money, Phanon state, OCV state, stations, Saturn Complex Hubs, Dockware Manager info, UT/Dock Agent/Station agent levels and stats, etc., etc., etc. Once you have exported, you can import your game into a fresh Universe.

It will not export data that was implemented by third party scripts, unless those third party scripts implement an EI extension module.

Antivirus programs can significantly slow down the export process. In a test I ran, with MSE real-time protection running, export took 18 minutes. With it off, 7 seconds.

In order for this feature to function, you require the EI package installed on the downloads page.

Why Would I Want To Do This?

Don’t do it if you don’t need to, but here’s some reasons why you would:

  • You installed a script, and it screwed up your game
  • You removed a script, but want to remove all traces of it
  • A Patch is released and the patch said “export/import required”
  • A Patch is released which as a different “Code Base” name then the one you have installed previously.

How to Export

  1. Make sure your marines are all on board ships. Don’t leave them on stations.
  2. Wait for all Headquarter queues (repair, recycle, production) to finish.
  3. Export your game by selecting “Export empire” in the Player Console (hotkey found in “Interface” in controls menu)
  4. This can take a few minutes. You can watch your log file increase in size if you’re looking at it in windows explorer (addon\t).
  5. When the export is finished, you’ll see the message “Export Done!” on your screen.

How to Import

  1. Choose New Game from the main menu.
  2. Choose the Damyath Import start.

A few versions ago, LU implemented auto starting on a lot of scripts. As far as I know, I did most of them. This means that if you’re playing LU, all of your stuff should have auto started, so you won’t have to run the UT command, for example. Check your stuff anyway, in case you’re running mods.

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