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SWLU Changelogs

SWLU Changelogs This page sits as a log of every SWLU changelog that I could find. ——| SWLU Version 1.3.1 (April 15, 2023) |—— ——| SWLU Version 1.3.0 (April 4, 2023) |—— ——|Official Discord Link|—— ——| SWLU Version 1.3.0 (December 22, 2022) |—— Main Changes: Gamestart Changes: Map Changes: Ship Changes: New Assets: Tie InquisitorTie […]

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LU Addons

This page will be used to store addon mods to Litcube’s Universe Satellite Monitoring v1.8 Originally from the Egosoft Forums, rehosted with permission: Info from above link: “A simple script that show you some useful informations when you have an advanced satellite and when the object (either an enemy ship, an enemy station, an

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X3 Modding Tools

This page will be a home to modders who are just starting, or who are experienced. X-Tools: X3 Editor 2: X3 Editor 2 is a popular program used to mod X3 TC, AP, R. It was created by DoubleShadow and originally from here. We got special permission to host the download here as well in

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Local Variable Object Support

In the standard X3AP Game the following objects supported script local variables: In LU (Since version 1.3.2) the following objects support local variables: In LU 1.3.3 Race objects gained support for local variables, example: $Race = [Argon] $Race->set local variable: name=’test’ value=42 $Value = $Race->get local variable: name=’test’ write to player logbook $Value Output: 42

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Signal Targeted

A long wanted feature by scripters, and a feature that has seen many different implementations in the past. LU includes [SIGNAL_TARGETED] (since version 1.3.0) [SIGNAL_TARGETED] functions the same way as standard game signals and can be registered as both a global signal, and a local signal. The signal itself has a 3 second internal re-fire delay, meaning if

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Modder’s Resource: Registering Export/Imports

It is strongly recommend using X-Studio with these instructions. If your mod has globals or other data that needs to be exported or imported using LU’s system, read this thing. Basics There’s three scripts you’ll have to copy: setup.EI.TemplateZ.EmpireCopy.Template.ExportZ.EmpireCopy.Template.Import Copy the files. Template in these files should be renamed to a name that will be consistent with

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