Universe & Sector Traders

A few changes have been made to the way UTs work in Litcube’s Universe.


Universe Traders, or UTs, are ships outfitted with specific equipment that have the ability to trade on the player’s behalf. They search out trade opportunities and buy low, sell high. So start out with, all UTs are Sector Trader, or STs. Only until they reach a high enough level are they allowed to become UTs.

Universe Traders operate similarly to vanilla traders, with a few key changes regarding trader security and jump ranges.

Player Console Commands

Two commands are available for UT’s in the Player Console.

  • UT Ignore Stray Ware Warning: If you want to keep certain wares in the UT and not sell them, add those wares to this list to prevent unnecessary UT messages.
  • UT Blacklist Wares: What it sounds like. If there are certain wares that you don’t want the UT to trade, add them to this list.
  • Sector Security Complaints: See the sectors your UTs think are too dangerous. Clean them up or send an MLCC intercept mission


Universe traders are more concerned with self-preservation than they previously were. To that effect, every UT regardless of level will equip itself with 6 Fighter Drones.

Additionally, UT’s will only trade in sectors where player-owned property is present (PPP). They will not jump into a sector where an enemy ship carrying more than 4 guns is within any player scan range.


UTs will refuel if a target station is out of fuel range or the UT has less than 8 sector jumps worth of fuel.

Universe Trader Levels & Ranges

You can turn your Sector Trader into a Universe Trader at level 8, like Vanilla. The UT will be less effective until it reaches level 11. The “Buy” distance of a trader is essentially its tether distance. The greater sell distance is to ensure that the UT doesn’t end up carrying cargo that it can’t sell. Additionally, the UT will use its jumpdrive until it detects that it has 8 jumps or less left in its fuel tank, at which time it will withhold buying or selling new wares and jump to refuel.

LevelTitleBuy RangeSell RangeNotes
10Senior Paymaster1Same Sector
11Chief Paymaster11
12Trade Negotiator22UT will buy its own jumpdrive if not equipped.
13Senior Trade Negotiator24
14Chief Trade Negotiator36
15Small Trader38UT will search for highest profit selling run.
17Major Trader412
18International Trader514
20Major Dealer618
21International Dealer620
22Production Assistant722
23Production Expert724
24Production Manager826
25Production Director928
LU UT/ST level ability chart

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