Trade Reports

All property now keeps a detailed log of every transaction ever made. See a compiled list or individual reports.

See A Record Of What Your Stuff Traded

Tahlmorra requested trade reports, and got trade reports. Ad nauseam. There’s now trade reports for everything. All your ships and stations now carry a trade report that can be accessed from context menu Advanced sub menu. The reports are generated when anything you own buys or sells something. Trade reports are capable of numbers reaching quadrillions. There’s three types of trade reports.

Trade Report Type: Personal

Accessed by the Advanced context sub-menu, this trade report follows you wherever you go, whatever ship you are in. If you entered into a UT to pilot it, for example, the UTs ship report would be your own personal one. And when you exited the UT to go into another ship, the trade report follows you, but the UT’s trade report would be the same as it was before you jumped in. Included in personal reports is ships bought at a shipyard; though the equipping done through the shipyard is attributed to the individual ship.

Trade Report Type: Station/Ship

Accessed by the Advanced context sub-menu, ships and stations will generate their own trade reports. Station reports are generated by any ship that has the homebase set to it or an NPC trades with the station.

Trade Report Type: Archive

In the Player Console, select the trade report archive. This will contain every single transaction all of your ships and stations ever made.

An example of a trade report
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