Stock Exchange

A completely new system that overrides the vanilla stock exchange system.

Invest Your Money

The stock exchange in LU has changed, but you’re still required to unlock the individual stock exchanges just as you would in vanilla. The more stock exchanges you unlock, the more stocks you’ll have access to. Each stock exchange has its own stock listings.

Once you’ve unlocked a stock exchange, the context menu item view local stock exchange on the station itself will be enabled. The exchange that you’ve unlocked will also become available in the stock exchange menu brought up with the stock exchange hotkey. Both methods bring up the exact same menu. However, if you’re not in the same sector as the stock exchange, you’re required to have player property present in the sector in order to access that particular stock exchange.

Essentially, the stock exchange is now a relatively safe investment opportunity that isn’t linked to any particular variable in the Universe. In other words, you can no longer exploit it. I just felt that, as a video game, the Universe isn’t big enough, nor are there enough variables, to make exploitation of the exchange to be anything close to a fair game play advantage. I mean, if the universe was filled with thousands of sectors with billions of wares, and you managed to exploit it, I would have kept the vanilla version. But when you can buy all stock of a ware in the entire known Universe and move from one sector to another, and call that exploiting the market…

So now, the stock exchange is random. Stocks you buy may go up, they may go down. They may go on a huge upswing, they may crash. You’ll never really know. As you gain capital and start investing, you’ll basically be buying low, selling high, and you will make a profit. The more you invest, the more you’ll profit. Probably. In time. Maybe.

The stock names, prices, capacities, quantities, variability, are all generated on a new game start. They’ll be different in every game. Different races have different types of stock values, and stock quantities. For example, Teladi are high risk/high gain, Boron are safest, you need to be fucking rich to trade in the Terran exchange.

As the menu states, you’ll pay 2% on purchases and sales of all stock. This tariff isn’t reflected in the menu slider, but it’s applied to the sale or purchase after confirmation.

The Menu

The Seizewell exchange
  • View stock exchange: Change the page. Each page shows the stocks per the stock exchange you’ve unlocked.
  • Sort now: Sorts the stocks based on the sort order set below.
  • Mode: Determines what action the slider makes. Buy or sell are your options.
  • Sort order: Ascending or descending.
  • Sort by: Sort by any of the available columns. “Sort now” is required to see changes.

As you highlight a stock, a slider will appear below. Depending on your mode set above, use this slighter to change purchased or sold stock amounts. Enter key, confirms your purchase or sale.

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