Ship bailing can happen anywhere in the galaxy, from any race. A completely new system replaces the old.


A bail, is a ship that was abandoned by the pilot for reasons relating to self preservation. Universal bailing is described as bailed ships throughout the universe without the players involvement. In vanilla, bailing only happens through direct interaction by the player.

LU has a universal bailing mechanic that completely replaces its vanilla equivalent.

Bailing has been changes in fundamental ways:

  • Overall bail chance has been decreased.
  • All ships not owned by the player can now bail.
  • All ships can now cause a bail to occur.
  • Each ship class has its own threshold hull strength below which they have a chance to bail (larger ships have a lower threshold than smaller ones).
  • Bail chance is dependent on four factors
    1. Ship Class
    2. Pilot Morale
    3. Hull Strength
    4. Relative combat strength between the attacking and bailing ship


NPC Salvagers have been added the the universe. Salvagers fly around collecting bailed ships and dropped cargo containers. These included the freebies spawned at the start of a new game (although they don’t cheat and must see the freebie before collecting it).

Things to keep in mind regarding NPC Salvagers:

  • They WILL take your hard earned loot if you delay in picking it up!
  • You CAN blow the hell out of them before they do (if you don’t mind the rep penalty)!

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