Signal Targeted

A long wanted feature by scripters, and a feature that has seen many different implementations in the past. LU includes [SIGNAL_TARGETED] (since version 1.3.0)

[SIGNAL_TARGETED] functions the same way as standard game signals and can be registered as both a global signal, and a local signal. The signal itself has a 3 second internal re-fire delay, meaning if a fleet of 100 ships target a single ship at the same time, only one signal will fire rather then 100.

The signal is fired when ‘!fight.attack.object’ is called, any script that provides a custom fight script that does not reference the standard ‘!fight.attack.object’ will not fire the signal unless modified to do so.


  • [THIS]->add secondary signal: signal=[SIGNAL_TARGETED], script='my.signal.targeted', prio=0, name='my.signal.targeted'
  • global secondary signal map: add signal=[SIGNAL_TARGETED] race=null class=[Ship] script='' prio=0 name=''

Supported Objects:

  • Ship (of any kind)
  • Station (of any kind)
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