SWLU Changelogs

This page sits as a log of every SWLU changelog that I could find.

——| SWLU Version 1.3.1 (April 15, 2023) |——

  • The Tie Striker can now actually be equipped with 200mj shields.
  • Freighters and dock agents now get their jump range from the station they’re assigned to (station range * 2 + 2)
  • Universe Traders no longer have their rank reset when restarting the commands.
  • Fixed a bug in the sector defense missions, now tells you which gate the enemy are coming from.
    Message from bug:
image 2023 04 15 223211250
  • Added new loading screen for version 1.3.1
  • Started Screenshot contest in discord.
  • Model fixes:
    Jedi starfighter model errors have been corrected thanks to Sem.
    The X-70B Cockpit has been lowered and put in front of the ship as requested, should make crate gathering easier!


——| SWLU Version 1.3.0 (April 4, 2023) |——

——|Official Discord Link|——

——| SWLU Version 1.3.0 (December 22, 2022) |——

Main Changes:

  • Re-added capital ship bailing, they start to bail when your fight rank is high enough.
    TL – rank 19
    M7 – rank 19
    M1 – rank 28
    M2 – rank 28
  • Incorportated Alaankwa into SWLU (https://github.com/temetvince/alaankwa)
  • Readded some mission types removed by LU
  • Incorporated LU into game files, no more installing LU first
  • Fixed “incorrect version of EXE file” for nonsteam executable (From the X3AP 3.3 update)
  • Fixed Miners hitting asteroids
  • Several ship bug fixes
  • UTs now sell extra wares in their cargo bay
  • Several more fixes (Check https://github.com/temetvince/alaankwa for better descriptions on features)
  • Dynamic shipyards are a new system for adding new ships to ingame shipyards easier.
  • Bosses v1. There are Imperial and Rebel bosses that will spawn in their respective territory. Killing one spawns another until the questline is complete.
  • A full text version of the LU Wiki is now inside of the encyclopedia.
  • SWLU tips, laser info, etc are all in the encyclopedia as well.

Gamestart Changes:

  • New gamestart: Imperial Recruit
    Similar to Empire’s finest, but not with a Tie Defender
  • Empire’s finest is now called Imperial Commander, and is scripted. (You still start in a Tie Defender)

Map Changes:

  • Added three new pirate sectors near Imperial Space
  • Updated map image included with install

Ship Changes:

  • Most TL class ships now have two medium ship dock ports to make Mothership more viable (Some only have one due to size issues)
  • Added thruster to astronaut
  • Added Trade Capabilities to Astronaut.
  • Added Corellian Destroyer to the Republic (Still with NR also), also added Assault Frigate Mk1 to Rebels (Still in NR also)
  • Prototype ISD has been retextured
  • Fixed cockpits on the GX ships.
  • Fixed issues with Free-Virgillia.
  • Fixed an issue with the Neb-B, TShips shows 6 docking slots, but there are only 5 in the scene (4 fighter, one TS)

New Assets:

Tie Inquisitor
Tie M1 Experimental
Howlrunner I7
Captor Cruiser
Enforcer class picket ship
Tie Avenger
Tie Striker
Tie Scout
Vindicator Heavy Cruiser
Imperial Venator
Fang class Starfighter
Hyena Bomber
HMP Droid Gunship
Trade Federation Super Freighter

——| SWLU Version 1.2.9 (December 24, 2020) |——

Main changes:

– Removed the ability for capital ships to bail (TL, M7, M1, M2)

– Bailing rates have been reduced to roughly 2/3 what it used to be

– Increased the total number of NPC salvagers for all factions

– NPC salvagers now mostly use M5/M4 ships, making them much more effective

– Cut the sale price of all colored minerals/crystals by 1/2

– Mobile Mining Lasers are now more expensive

– Deleted all sector descrpitions to remove immersion-breaking and broken X3 lore

– Increased the maximum number of target markers that are rendered on the UI at once

– Replaced the mission briefing screens with 63 new SWLU screenshots

– Fixed “incorrect version of EXE file” for nonsteam executable (might not work for everyone)

– Made all engine sounds quieter

– Made the “combat alert” sound quieter

– Better sound effects for ISR and IPG weapons

– Fixed NPC miners having escorts belonging to other factions

– Removed pirate NPC miners. They had multiple faction ownership bugs that could not be fixed

– Corrected various typos and descriptions

– Implemented loading screens from Discord users:
– XDeadShotX
– LPhoenix
– biggie1447

Gamestart changes:

– Galaxy’s Most Wanted (gamestart) now starts with 20 complex construction kits

– Clone Commando (gamestart) marines now start with their combat skill at 4-5 stars.

– Mandalorian Arms Dealer (gamestart)
– Starts with much more money
– Now starts with loads of freight across the three starting ships to begin production
– Starts with all surrounding sectors revealed, making it easier to find suppliers for your factories

– Wealthy Separatist (gamestart)
– Start with 50M credits
– Player ship is now a Sheathipede
– Start with Munificent, 2 longhorns, and 4 vulture droids

– Black Sun Outlaw (gamestart)
– Old gamestart deleted
– Start with neutral relations to pirates, -2 relations to all other races
– This means they won’t shoot on sight, but they won’t sell anything and will go hostile if you enter their core sectors
– Start with underequipped M6 and fighters

– Removed gamestart: New Republic Admiral

– New Gamestart: New Republic Merchant (easy)
– Start with 3 TS ships
– Start with various trade goods to sell
– Start with multiple sectors fully explored for trading

– Deleted gamestart: Imperial Remnant Warlord

– New gamestart: Ambitious Scrapper 2 (Imperial Remnant)
– Lambda shuttle (TP) with no upgrades
– No starting money or satellite
– Neutral to all races, -2 with rebels, new republic

Map changes:

* Added a pirate base to Distant Clouds

* Added bioscanner and cargo lifesupport for sale in Queen’s harbor

* Moved the CIS orbital weapon platforms farther away from the Jedi Survivor gamestart’s starting position so you aren’t being shot at immediately

* Added a CIS Large OWP to Heaven’s Assertion to hopefully pervent the sector from becoming pirate-infested

* Fixed all CIS NMMC Mining bases from being Republic-owned, so now the NPCs shouldn’t be trying to destroy their own stations

* Fixed CIS shipyard in Duke’s Domain not selling the full CIS ship roster

– Added factories for sale by the Old Republic for the MAML/PRG weapons as well as all the intermediate products needed to make them

– Akeela’s Beacon now has a north Xenon border (thanks Purls!)

Ship changes:

– Capital ships now only dock fighters internally, not corvettes (Acclamator is the only exception)
– DP-37 (all variants)
– Star Destroyer I-1
– Star Destroyer I-2
– Nebula Star Destroyer
– Imperial Escort Carrier
– Venator Star Destroyer
– Legacy Star Destroyer

– Vanilla ships removed from NPC usage:
– Yaki Susanowa
– Teladi Peregrine
– Yaki Ryu

– Docking rework for generic shipyard model (OTAS shipyard, Pirate shipyard, etc)
– Only docks 4 capitals now
– Dockpoints lowered, this should fix collisions when NPC ships undock

– More appropriate cockpit textures for all Imperial/Remnant ships M6 and up

– New cockpits for some Xenon ships: N, M, L, LX, P, I

– Venator Star Destroyer docking rework; 1 external dock for a medium ship in lower hangar, fighters only use side hangars

– Old Republic Station docking reworked from scratch, now docks infinite medium ships and 2 capitals (and actually works)

* Fixed Zenith Sentinel and Zenith Raider (Old Republic M2) wrong cargobay minimum value

* Buffed terrible speed on G-9 Rigger

– Shifted the center of mass for the “Tansarii” station (pirate bases) so lasers will actually hit it

– Added animated shield to unused hangar on the Neutron Bulk Cruisers

– Replaced Skipray Blastboat model with a new one that is more optimized and lag-free to reduce stuttering

– Fixed broken turret on the Sith Scimitar

– New lighter texture for Republic Acclamator variants (Imperials keep old texture)

– Assault Frigate Mk. 1 (New Republic M7) max speed increase

– X-Wing T-70 (New Republic M3) max speed increase

– Fixed broken turrets on Recusant

– Fixed ETA-2 acceleration

– Increased Vigil Corvette cargo capacity

– Fixed incorrect collision and material properties on V-Wing Airspeeder

– Fixed incorrect material properties on B-Wing Advanced that caused projectiles to phase through it. Model is also not glossy anymore

New assets:

– Added a new “flying camera” ship similar to the Debug X-Wing. Ship with no model, able to fly straight through most objects and not take damage, no cockpit in 1st person. Not available through legit means

* New Station: Medical Station (Republic Dock)
* Docks 20 fighters/medium ships and 2 capitals
– Also replaces the model for Republic Millitary Outpost stations
– Original model by Warb Null

– New Ship: Xenon F (Xenon TS)
– These will be the new Xenon salvager ships, so if you see one, know that it is going out to claim those abandoned ships
– Stats of a below-average TS+

– New Ship: Xenon H (Xenon M7M)
– Docks 8 fighters
– 6 missile turrets
– Will start appearing in combat missions and random Xenon fleets
– Boarding pod capability, if the player manages to obtain one

– New Ship: Nebulon-A Frigate (New Republic M7)
– Very cheap, light weapons, stats otherwise low-average
– Docking for 2 fighters
– Designed by AdamKop, model by Warb Null

– New Ship: Sith B-28 Bomber (Old Republic M3)
– Quite fast, expensive
– Model by Warb Null

– New Ship: Atin Corvette (Mandalorian M6)
– Cheap, good cargo, low firepower, average shield/speed
– Original model by Warb Null

– New Ships: Raven PT-7 Raider, Raven PT-7 Vanguard (Old Republic M3s)
– Original models by Warb Null, SWLU custom light textures
– Light M3 fighters

– New Station: Lucrehulk (CIS Dock)
– Original model from MikSka Star Wars Reborn
– Texture and model optimizations
– Holds 2 capitals, infinite medium/small
– Also replaces model for CIS equipment docks
– Fastest station shield regen in the game, should be harder to take down than normal

– New Ship: MC85 Cruiser (New Republic M1)
– Original model from MikSka Star Wars Reborn
– Many texture improvements from original, reworked from scratch
– Holds up to 88 fighters, 3 medium ships
– Very high speed and shields, very expensive (subject to change at Rocket Man’s discretion)

– New Ship: Bothan Assault Frigate (New Republic M7)
– Original model by Warb Null
– SWLU custom textures, colors, lights
– Docks 12 fighters internal, medium stats with high hull durability (subject to change at Rocket Man’s discretion)

– New Ship: Ton-Falk Carrier (Remnant M7)
– Model and texture created by Maxloef1990
– Holds 50 fighters, able to launch 8 at a time
– Poor firepower (all stats subject to change at Rocket Man’s discretion)

– New Ship: Broadside Cruiser (Imperial M7M)
– Model and texture created by Maxloef1990
– 8 missile launchers on the front

– New Ships
– Sith Interceptor Sentinel (Old Republic M4)
– Sith Interceptor Raider (Old Republic M4)
– Sith Scout (Old Republic M5)
– Models by Warb Null, adjusted models and custom lighting for SWLU
– Low-average stats

– New Ship: Twintail X-38 (New Republic M3)
– Model and texture by Warb Null

– New Ships:
– GX1 Shuttle (Imperial TP)
– GX1 Phoenix (Republic TP)
– GX1 Short hauler (Republic TS)
– Phoenix model and texure by Warb Null, custom upscaled texture and lights for the other two variants

– New Ship: YV-865 Aurore (Separatist TS)
– Also known as the Zygerrian slave transport
– Original model by Warb Null
– Added texture upscale, custom lights, texture tweaks

– New Ship: IPV-2C Stealth Corvette (Republic M8)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Occasional collision problems due to the shape
– Two front missile turrets

– New Ship: Gage Hauler (Old Republic TL)
– Original model by Warb Null, upscaled textures

– New Ship: Terminus (Old Republic M7)
– Oringinal model by Warb Null, upscaled textures

– New Station: Valor Station (Republic)
– Original model by Warb Null, upscaled and tweaked textures
– Docks 2 capitals, infinite medium and small ships
– Also replaces all Teladi equipment docks

– New Ship: MC50 Carrier (New Republic M1)
– Original model by Jeroenimo
– Docks 58 fighters, good turret coverage

– New Ship: Corellian Destroyer (New Republic M2)
– Original model by Jeroenimo
– Fast and light for a M2, docks 14 fighters


Medical Station


Xenon H

Xenon F

Nebulon-A Frigate

NebulonA 1

Sith B-28 Bomber

Sith Bomber

Atin Corvette


Raven PT-7 Raider

Raven Raider

Raven PT-7 Vanguard

Raven Vanguard

Lucrehulk Station


MC85 Cruiser

MC85 2

Bothan Assault Frigate


Ton-Falk Carrier


Broadside Cruiser


Sith Interceptor Sentinel
Sith Interceptor Raider
Sith Scout

Sith Interceptors

Twintail X-38

Twintail X 38

– GX1 Shuttle
– GX1 Phoenix
– GX1 Short hauler

GX1 Ships

YV-865 Aurore

YV865 Aurore small

IPV-2C Stealth Corvette

IPV 2C Stealth Corvette

Gage Hauler




Valor Station


MC50 Carrier


Corellian Destroyer

Corellian Destroyer 2

——| Version 1.2.8 (April 1, 2020) |——

Main changes:

– Added some code to the NPC salvager scripts so that they can’t claim any abandoned ships that have full hull hitpoints. This protects all the repair ships and it also protects all the random ships I hid around the map.

– Drastically increased the price of slaves, making that a viable option for making money in the early game

– New loading screens from users @Rocket Man and @abbe026. If anyone has an excellent screenshot, post it on the Discord server and it will become a credited loading screen if it’s good enough.

* Added a new battle sector: Republic Enclave
* Located in the middle of the western Separatist sector cluster
* Republic fleets will spawn and fight the separatists to the north
* Greatly militarized and added a shipyard to Duke’s Domain, the Separatist sector to the north
* Separatist invaders and defenders spawn in Duke’s Domain to fight the Republic

– New Gamestart: Republic Holdout (scripted)
– This gamestart will lag on lower-end PCs
– Starts isolated in the Republic Enclave sector with many millions of credits and a large starting fleet
– No access to jumpdrives, M5s, or advanced satellites
– You will need to fight your way out of the Separatist cluster of sectors in order to reach freedom
– 10 recurring injections of 300 million credits and full fighter squadrons from the Republic to aid in your effort
– Many NPC battles between Republic and CIS to join in on and practice fleet micromanagement

– New Gamestart: Deluded Scoundrel
– Start with a poorly-equipped Quadjumper (TM) in outer-rim New Republic space
– Start with no money, no other starting assets, and nothing explored
– Start with reputation -3 with all factions except New Republic (0) and Rebels (+3)
– Start with three orbital weapons platforms containing 5 black crystals each (worth 10 million per crystal)
– The catch is that your OWPs are in distant Rebel sectors across the map, so you will have to find a way through hostile space (or improve relations) among many different factions to reach them and claim the treasure

– Renamed all faction reputation ranks to a more fitting star wars theme

– Added a New Republic star wars shipyard to sector Menelaus’ Oasis in the SE corner of the map

– Greatly expanded the arsenal of lasers usable by Pirate ships on turrets

– Fixed all factions not being able to sell mining ships as used ships

– Fixed Old Republic not being able to sell TS ships as used ships

Ship Changes:

– Removed the following vanilla ships from NPC usage (can still be purchased by the player at vanilla shipyards):
– Paranid Pericles (M3)
– Paranid Nemesis (M6)
– Paranid Perseus (M3)
– Yaki Fujin (M5)
– Paranid Hercules (TL)
– Terran Claymore (M8)

– Added the “Advanced” designation to the Sith Scimitar. No stat changes, but this was necessary to make it stop populating Separatist NPC fleets.

* Droid Tri-Fighter (Separatist M4)
* Class change from M5 to M4, stats increased accordingly
– Complete weapon, engine, and camera overhaul
– Model scaled up in size
– Removed the horrible first-person cockpit view
– Adjusted the starting loadout for the Self-Aware Droid gamestart

* Vulture Droid (Separatist M5)
– Model scaled up in size
– Removed the horrible first-person cockpit view
* Increased weapons energy

– M (Xenon M4)
– Corrected camera position to fix a clipping issue

– Removed the first-person cockpit view from all Xenon fighters (N, M, L, LX)

– StarFortress Bomber (New Republic M8)
– “Enhanced” texture by Leytra

– Gladiator Star Destroyer (Imperial/Pirate M7)
– Fixed main guns coming out of the hangar
– Fixed physical hangar objects inside the hangar being visible
– Fighters now launch out of the front hangar in addition to the side hangar

New Ships and Stations:

– New Station: Rebel Starbase V
– Behaves like an equipment dock
– Light map textures by Leytra
– Texture upscale from EAW
– Docks infinite fighters, 20 big ships, and 2 capitals
– Also replaces the model for all Rebel-owned millitary outposts in the game

– New Ship: YV-929 Super Freighter (Rebel TS)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Retexture and light map by Leytra
– Very high stats except for speed, and expensive
– Also sold by other factions as used ships

– New Ship: Hutt Cruiser (Pirate M7M)
– Original model by Warb Null
– 5 missile launch points for top missile turret
– Otherwise average stats

– New Ship: Longhorn Corvette (Separatist M6)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Lights texture by Leytra
– Low/Medium stats, cheap

– New Ship: Sheathipede (Separatist TP)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Fast, although lightly armed and shielded

– New Ship: Sheathipede Hauler (Separatist TS)
– Alternate texture variant

– New Ship: Rihkxyrk (Pirate M4)
– Slight texture improvements from EAW
– Above-average stats

– New Ship: Maxillipede (Separatist TP)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Carries more cargo, shields, and marines than the Sheathipede

– New Ship: Umbaran Fighter (Separatist M3)
– Original model by Warb Null, tweaks and adjustments to model geometry and textures
– Heavy fighter stats

– New Ship: Paladin Corvette (Jedi M6)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Texture and light map tweaks
– Sold by the Jedi Order, can also be found patrolling their space

– New Ship: Paladin Corvette Bomber (Jedi M8)
– Missile variant, two missile turrets with 3 launchers each

– New Ship: Sith Fighter (Old Republic M5)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Stats slightly worse than a TIE Fighter

– New Ship: Starhopper (Pirate M4)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Texture and light map rework by Leytra
– Slow and mediocre, but large cargo capacity for its class

– New Ship: Zenith Cruiser (Old Republic M2)
– Fanon design by BobDeQuatre, model by Warb Null
– Textures greatly upscaled
– “Raider” and “Sentinel” variants with different textures, turret types, and slightly different stats

– New Ship: Umbaran Cruiser (Separatist TL)
– Original model by Warb Null
– Light map textures by Leytra
– Textures greatly upscaled from original
– Docks 4 fighters, 2 freighters

– New Ship: IPV-1 Patrol Craft (Pirate M6)
– Textures greatly upscaled from EAW
– Very cheap, poor stats

– New Station: Mandalorian Starbase V
– Textures upscaled from EAW
– Docks 2 capitals, 20 medium ships, infinite fighters
– Also replaces the model for Mandalorian Equipment Docks

– New Ship: Arrow Corvette (Imperial M8)
– Fanon design by AdamKop, model by Warb Null
– Textures upscaled for SWLU
– Two missile turrets with 1 launcher each, and 4 corvette lasers

– New Ship: Keldabe Battleship (Mandalorian M2)
– Original model by Jeroenimo
– Texture adjustments by Leytra
– Very high stats, although slow and expensive

– New Ship: Subjugator (Separatist M2)
– Original model by Jeroenimo
– X3 implementation by Tormox
– Highest hull strength in the entire mod


New Battle Sector


Rebel Starbase V

Rebel Starbase

YV-929 Super Freighter

YV 929

Hutt Cruiser

Hutt Cruiser

Longhorn Corvette




Sheathipede hauler






Umbaran Fighter


Paladin Corvette


Sith Fighters

Sith Fighter



Zenith Cruiser (two variants)


Umbaran Cruiser

Umbaran Cruiser

IPV-1 Patrol Craft


Mandalorian Starbase V

Mand Starbase5

Arrow Corvette

Arrow Corvette

Keldabe Battleship




——| Version 1.2.7 (January 12, 2020) |——

* New Ship: StarFortress (New Republic M8)

* Turrets, cameras, etc. redone

* 4 bottom missile launchers (double that of the K-Wing)

* Poor laser coverage, extremely low shielding, weak hull, painfully slow speed, and quite cheap


* New Ship: Zakuul Dropship (Old Republic TP)

* Engines, guns, cameras, etc. redone from scratch


* New Ship: Carrack (Remnant M7)

* Engines, guns, cameras, etc. redone from scratch

* Standard variant uses SSC flak cannons

* Prototype variant uses regular heavy weapons (and Kyon weapons of course)


* New Ship: Quadjumper (Civilian TM)

* Engines, guns, cameras reworked

* Very cheap, can carry 1 fighter on top

* New Ship: Quadjumper Miner (Civilian M3)

* 6 mining lasers * SWLU standard mining upgrades already built in

* Faster than most other mining ships


* New Ship: V-Wing Airspeeder (New Republic M3)

* Slightly reworked model

* Fast and lightly shielded

V Wing Airspeeder

* New Ship: Secutor Star Destroyer (Remnant M1)

* Turrets, cameras, etc. rebuilt from scratch

* Carries 144 total fighters internally, 1 M6/TS external dock

* This ship is laggy and freezes the game while it loads in


* New Ship: Victory Missile Destroyer (Imperial M7M)

* M7M variant of the Victory Star Destroyer with 6 missile turrets

Victory M7M

* New ship: CR-90 Repair Ship

* Can use 8 total repair lasers

* Hidden somewhere in the map

* New ship: Gozanti Repair Ship

* Can use 8 total repair lasers

* Hidden somewhere in the map

– TIE Droid replacement model for Terran fighter drones

– Renamed from “Keris” to “TIE Droid”

TIE Droids

– B-Wing Advanced (New Republic M3)

– Replacement model (original credit to Dinoff XRM Star Wars)

– Model weapons, cameras, and engines rework

– YT-2400 (Imperial/Rebel TS)

– Replacement model (original credit to MikSka Star Wars Reborn)

– Model weapons, engines, lights rework

– Fixed holes in the model geometry

– YT-1300 (Empire/Rebel TS)

– Replacement model (original credit to MikSka Star Wars Reborn)

– Guns, lights, cameras, reworked

– Does not apply to “Falcon” variant


* Strike Cruiser (Remnant, Pirate M7):

* Added hangar functionality

* Capable of docking 5 fighters internally now

* Added animated Tormox Shield to the model

– Quasar-Fire Carrier (Imperial Variant)

– Fixed broken turret cameras and weapons

* Nebulon-B Frigate (Rebel M7)

* Fixed the ability to dock a freighter that was added a couple of updates ago but broken

– TIE Scimitar Miner (Remnant M3)

– Cargobay max size doubled

– Venator Star Destroyer (Republic M1)

– Fixed forward guns (not on turrets) not shooting

– Nebula Star Destroyer (New Republic M2)

– Fixed broken dockpoints for fighters

– Tartan Patrol Cruiser (Imperial M6)

– Turrets completely reworked to reduce lag caused by this ship

– MC80 Liberty (Rebel M2)

– Did some shoddy fixes to the model. Just don’t look too closely at the bottom of the ship.

– Kimogila M12-L (Mandalorian/Pirate M3)

– Removed the strange “cone” extruding from the main engine on all models

– Fixed a hole in various X-Wing models:

– X-Wing R

– X-Wing B

– X-Wing T65-B

– X-Wing Prototype

– Implemented a modified version of Graxster’s Repair Ship Command

– Requires a ship with at least 1 repair laser and special command software

– Allows for commanding repair ships to automatically repair all ships in a sector, or a specific ship

– Original script written by Graxster, modified to work in SWLU and some changes to the message system

– Special thanks to CRZgatecrusher for additional scripting and testing

– All Kyon Emitters (the OCV lasers) no longer use any energy to shoot. This doesn’t affect the OCV, but it makes them more rewarding to use on your prototype ships.

– Energy Bolt Chaingun (EBC) slight range increase

– Fixed an issue where the Rebel Quasar-Fire carrier would be slow to launch its fighters

– Fixed Free-Virgillia not being able to use Hammer Heavy Torpedoes

– Added Tormox Shields to the XQ-2 Platform model

– Ambitious Scrapper gamestart moved to sector Company Pride, which is closer to a pirate border than the old starting sector

– A lot of “salvage crew” NPCs now use Quadjumpers as their ship of choice. (This might actually make it easier to compete with them, since the quadjumpers are probably slower than the random pool they used to use, and they are quite weak so they can be easily shot)

– Removed the “bubble” particle effect from both normal and Omicron Channel hyperspace lanes.


– Fighter Drone, Fighter Drone Mk2, and TIE Droid cargo volume increased by about 100%

* All “Prototype” variants can now use weapons from all factions, including Kyon Emitters, on all turrets

– YT-1300 “Falcon” variant required faction reputation lowered from 6 to 4

* Hid many more repair lasers around the map

——| Version 1.2.6 (November 17, 2019) |——

– Massive overhaul of the sector “Heretic’s End” (Empire/Rebel border)

– Now contains endless battles between large Imperial/Rebel fleets

– Endless Rebel invaders spawned from the shipyard in Argon Sector M148

– Endless Imperial defenders spawned from new shipyard in Heretic’s End

– Background overhaul in Argon Sector M148 and Heretic’s End for maximum visibility

– Empire’s Finest (gamestart) now starts with Heretic’s End discovered so you can jump in and join the fight

– Rebel Recruit (gamestart) now starts in Argon Sector M148 so you can escort the invaders into Heretic’s End

– Rebel Recruit (gamestart) upgraded to a much stronger X-Wing Prototype

– OCV Stations now drop “engine over-tuning” crates when destroyed- Flying into these will upgrade your ship’s engine beyond the normal limits

– New animated “Tormox Shields” for the following ships (applies to all faction variants):

– Resurgent Star Destroyer

– Assault Frigate Mk.2

-MC75 Cruiser

– MC40a

– Gladiator Star Destroyer

– Quasar-Fire Carrier (Imperial only)

– DP-37 Frigate

– Harrower

– MC80 Independence

– Venator Star Destroyer

– Providence Dreadnought

New Hangar Shields

– New Gamestart: “Ambitious Scrapper”

– Start with a terrible M5

– Start with no equipment

– Start with no money

– Start with no reputation (neutral to all)

– New Gamestart: “Rebel Cell Leader”

– Please give the scripts a minute to initiate

– Start with some corvettes, freighters, a fighter squadron

– Start with a fully operational mining base with ships already working for it

– Start with two explorers already set to map the universe

– Start with your own Orbital Weapons Platform

– Start with your starting sector under your own ownership

– Start with medium fight and trade ranks

– Imperial light attack on your base shortly after starting

* Missile turret implementation for the following M7M and M8 ships:

* K-Wing (New Republic M8)

* Marauder Cruiser (Rebel M8)

* MC30c Frigate (New Republic M7M)

– Fixed Omicron Channel sectors using vanilla ships for defense

– Added chaff to most gamestarts

– New sound effect for small/medium missiles

– New sound effect for PBE (Mandalorian fighter weapon)

– Added equipment dock to the Jedi Order sector

– Increased the price of CCDS Mk.2 to 1.6M credits

– Re-classed the FBL (CIS fighter weapon) to be much lighter and cheaper

– Added all required stations to build a Fusion Beam Cannon saturn complex hub to the Galactic Republic sector for sale

– Fixed pirates selling vanilla ships as blueprints

– Fixed a few instances of glitched Argon Mammoths

– “Wealthy Separatist” gamestart now starts in a different sector, which should fix some bugs

– Fixed NPC Imperial Supply TLs not spawning

– Disabled the OCV and Phanon scripts from running in the “ship gallery” gamestart

* Mining lasers now sold at the equipment dock in the Galactic Republic Sector

XQ 2 Platform

* Added XQ-2 Platform (Imperial Trade Station)

* Complete rework of docking behavior

* Sold by most factions in the special SWLU sectors

* The SWLU version docks 15 medium ships, unlimited fighters, no capitals

– Acts as a model replacement for some of the Terran stations


* Added Tansarii Station (Mandalorian Trade Station)

* Complete model and docking rework from scratch

* Sold by Mandalorians, Pirates, Rebels

* The SWLU version docks unlimited medium and small ships

* Acts as a model replacement for pirate bases, marine traning barracks, and mercenary outposts


* Added Pelta Raider (Rebel M7)

* Complete overhaul of turrets, cameras, engines, etc. from scratch

* Fixed numerous holes in the model


* Added Free-Virgillia CR-100 (New Republic M7M)

* 6 missile bays

* Complete overhaul of turrets, cameras, engines, etc. from scratch

* Fixed numerous holes in the model

* Model scaled up to frigate size

* DP-37 Frigate (All variants)

* Fixed ability to dock medium ships, now it can only carry fighters

* Imperial Escort Carrier (Remnant M7)

* Fixed ability to dock medium ships, now it can only carry fighters

* Neutron-Star Bulk Cruiser (All Variants)

* Added external docking slot for 1 freighter

* Kandosii (Mandalorian M1)

* Added 4 new guns on the right side

* Added 4 new guns on the left side

* Pelta Hauler (Republic TL)

* Added external docking slot for 1 freighter

* Dynamic-Class Freighter (Old Republic TS)

* Acceleration increased by a factor of 3

* TIE Fighter Miner (Imperial M5)

* Fixed wrong cargobay value

* Interdictor (Imperial M7)

* Price decreased by 20 million credits

* Slight hull hitpoints buff:

* Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser (both variants)

* Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser Prototype

* Munificent Frigate

* Munificent Frigate Prototype

——| Version 1.2.5 (September 22, 2019) |——

Balance Overhaul

* Rebalanced all M6 Corvettes to be generally cheaper, faster, and with more consistent hull strength

* Nerfed all M7 Frigates on turning radius (pitch, roll, yaw) so they fly more like bricks. This removes the immersion-breaking sight of Nebulon-B Frigates swooping and diving around the battlefield. It also makes it easier to get into flanking positions against them when flying smaller, faster ships.

* Rebalanced all M7 Frigates in order to moderate outlying overpowered or underpowered individuals and to make hull hitpoints more consistent

* Rebalanced all M1 Carriers and M2 Destroyers for better consistency

– Adjusted all equipment on starting ships due to rebalancing (for new gamestarts)

– Chance for pirates to use ships of other races increased from 10% to 25%

– Fixed Plutarch Tractor System asking for “Quantum Tubes” despite that ware being renamed previously

– Renamed Imperial trade goods

– Changed the descriptions of some of the game’s ship upgrades, removing the lore flavor text in favor of better-describing what they actually do and how they work

– Removed the ability to charge up Point Singularity Projector and Incendiary Bomb Launcher lasers before firing them for extra damage

– Removed the speed-reducing properties of the Phased Shockwave Generator, Cluster Flak Array, and Flak Artillery Array

– Ion Shard railgun, Fusion Beam Cannon, Ion Cannon, and Ion Pulse Generator no longer drain weapon energy when they hit a ship

– Lasertowers no longer drain weapon energy from their targets

– Removed the “paralysis” effect of the OCV weapons added in a previous version

* Removed ALL thruster trails from star wars ships. The vanilla ships still have them though

* Shuffled the locations of the hidden repair ships and other goodies hidden by SWLU

* Added two new Xenon sectors bordering Uranus 2 in Imperial space

* Added Imperial Navy patrol to Uranus 2

* Uranus 2 brighter background

* Empire’s Finest gamestart now starts in Uranus 2

* Galaxy’s most wanted gamestart now starts with:
* Quantum jumpgate extention on all ships
* 5 jump beacons instead of 1
* Double starting credits
* Mining lasers in cargobay

* Added more ships from Star Wars Reborn (With tweaked models and different stats though)
* CR-25 Freighter (Rebel/Mandalorian TS)
* AA-9 Freighter (Republic TS)

– Old Resurgent Star Destroyer model removed

* New ships from Tormox:
* Resurgent Star Destroyer (First Order M2) – model credit to Warb Null
* Allegiance Star Destroyer (Empire M2)

CR 25 Freighter

* Plutarch Tractor System now sold at Earth instead of Saturn so you can actually dock a TL and buy it

* Plasteel and Polymer factories now sold at the Galactic Empire sector for ship building purposes

* Fixed Jedi Order sector not selling Jedi Starfighters and the Goner Temple station

* CCDS Mk.3 is now obtainable, in the Jedi Order sector

* YT-1300 Falcon (Empire/Rebel TS)
* Forward guns from 2 to 6
* Can now use powerful High Energy Plasma Thrower weapons

* Quasar-Fire Carrier (Rebel M7)
* Fixed missing engine thruster effects

* Skipray Blastboat (Mandalorian M3)
* Hull strength fixed from 58 to 58,000

* MC-40a Frigate (New Republic M7)
* Forward guns reduced from 10 to 4

* Nebulon-B Frigate (Rebel M7)
* Left/Right guns can now only use corvette-class weapons

* Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser (Remnant M7)
* Removed ability to use capital-class weapons

* Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser Prototype (Empire M7)
* Forward main guns can now use capital-class weapons
* Main guns increased from 4 to 6

* Munificent Frigate (Separatist M7)
* Forward cannons can now use capital-class lasers
* Added front turrets

* Leviathan (Old Republic M7)
* Forward guns from 4 to 6
* Forward guns can now use heavy lasers

* Assault Frigate Mk2 (New Republic M2)
* Added hangar shields to the model

Hangar Shields

——| Version 1.2.4 (July 7, 2019) |——

Turbo Booster is Here!

Although you need to use your imagination a little bit…

Turbo Booster


(-) New features that should work in existing saves from old versions.

(+) Features that will not work without a new gamestart, but you can keep playing your old save anyway. Note that you can get ALL the features on an old save using Litcube’s Import/Export.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– Implemented Cycrow’s Turbo Booster from the old X3AP bonus package. Buy it at equipment docks and use it with a hotkey you can now set in the control menu under “interface”. Sold by the Mandalorians, and also in the Star Wars special sectors.

+ Rebel Recruit gamestart now starts with a turbo booster and fuel.

+ Complete rebalance of fighter stats (M5, M4, M3).

– Doubled forward acceleration on the space suit (no more needing to fly sideways).

– Added SETA to the space suit.

– Trade stations now require race rank 3 instead of 6 due to how important they are to mobile mining setups, setting up quickshuttles, and TUG.

– Fixed and standardized all marine capacities for ships based on class:
– M3/M4/M5: 0 Marines
– TP: 20-40 Marines
– TS: 5 Marines (not actually boardable)
– TM: 5 Marines
– M6: 8 Marines
– M8: 5 Marines
– M7: 20 Marines
– TL: 20 Marines
– M2: 22 Marines
– M1: 22 Marines

– Renamed some vanilla goods (like Teladianium) to star wars names, such as Durasteel, Power converters, Motivators, Bacta, Plasteel, and Blue Milk just to name a few.

– Renamed Goner to Jedi

– Renamed “Nividium” to “Amdium” in favor of the company I work for IRL rahter than our competitor Nvidia (lol).

+ Unknown Sector Omega (The Final Battle) now has a much cooler background fitting for the OCV homeworld

+ Turned up the brightness of the ambient lighting for every single sector in the game (with a few exceptions) so that ships don’t appear as dark silhouettes with only thrusters visible. Note that the game also contains gamma settings.

– Clone Commando gamestart now has less marines on the starting Nu-class Shuttle, so that you can use it to store excess marines while boarding M6 ships without having to launch all 20 and then watch them not be able to fit on the ship.

– Re-added the boarding music/shooting sounds so that boarding isn’t silent anymore.

– Added more life to the Jedi Order sector.

– Made those random small Xenon fighter squadrons that spawn all over the place 10% as frequent as they used to be. I know they are annoying, they were actually added by me in the first place. Still debating whether I want to keep them in the game in the future.

– Made CCDS Mk.1 availible at the Star Wars sector equipment docks.

– Drastically reduced the price of CCDS Mk.2 from 5 million to just over 1 million.

+ Removed more hard-coded Litcube vanilla X3AP ships from the map generation (in Split Fire).

+ Munificent Frigate (Separatist M7)
+ Removed ability to use heavy guns on left/right turrets, only medium now

+ Action VI (Separatist/Mandalorian TS)
+ Shield capabilities fixed from 2 x 1MJ to 2 x 25MJ

– Crusader Corvette (Mandalorian M6)
– Fixed left/right turrets not working
– Improved camera positions for top/bottom turrets

– Gozanti Vanguard (Empire TM)
– Fixed rear turret not rotating freely
– Revised camera positions

– Consular Corvette (Republic M6)
– Completely removed top/bottom turrets for balance

+ U-Wing (Rebel TP)
+ Reduced shileds by half
+ Reduced hull strength to half

## Huge thanks to Tormox for the following! ##

– Gozanti Super Freighter (New Republic/Empire TS)
– Fixed rear turret not rotating freely
– Revised camera positions

– YT-1300 (Rebel/Empire TS)
– Reduced polygon count in model, slightly reduces loading times
– New optimized ship textures for both variants that load in a fraction of the time.

– Venator Star Destroyer (Republic M1)
– Complete turret rework
– Revised camera positions
+ Reduced ability to use Ion Cannon due to the increase in turrets (uses only Fusion Beam now)

– MC80 Liberty Hauler (Rebel TL)
– Fixed broken camera position

– Assault Frigate MK2 (New Republic M2)
– Fixed broken turrets detached from model

– Legacy Star Destroyer (Republic M2)
– Fixed broken turrets detached from model

– Recusant (Separatist M2)
– Turrets completely fixed
– Cameras fixed
– Thruster effects fixed

– Munificent Frigate (Separatist M7)
– Replaced static turrets with fully-animated ones

– Dynamic-Class Freighter (Old Republic TS)
– Made model larger to be correctly scaled compared to other SWLU ships
– Ship now uses animated weapons/turrets
– Main guns can now use corvette-grade weapons

– Nebulon-B Frigate (Rebel M7)
– Complete turret overhaul with animated turrets
– Added docking support for a TS ship

Most Important New Feature:

– In this update, as stated above, I renamed a lot of the goods and wares to fit in to the Star Wars universe. This means that Admiral Ackbar Breakfast Cereal is now replacing Boron BoFu as the New Republic’s sole food item, complete with factories all over the universe and traders shipping it everywhere, contributing to the galactic cereal monopoly. Your tongue can’t repel a flavor of that magnitude!

Admiral Ackbar Cereal (I hope everyone knows this old meme…)

——| Version 1.2.3 (June 18, 2019) |——


– New features that should work in existing saves from old versions

+ Features that will not work without a new gamestart, but you can keep playing your old save anyway

– Fixed race relations for real this time. Empire/Rebels will now try to kill each other, and police will no longer come after you for killing separatist ships in republic space, etc. This greatly improves the Jedi Survivor start, as the New Republic won’t prevent you from killing your enemies in their sectors any more.

Proper Race Relations

– Fixed NPC fleets not using their “advanced” ship variants. For example, the New Republic only used E-Wings in 1.2.2, and now correctly uses their B-Wings and X-Wings in their fleets.

– Wrote a script that jumps all Xenon fighters in the player’s starting sector out of existance when starting a new game (when the SWLU welcome message appears). Sorry for any ruined gamestarts in the past!

+ Wrote a script to initiate any marines on the player’s starting ship in a new gamestart at 3 or 4 stars. This means that you can play the Clone Commando start for real now, able to go into a pirate sector and board any ships you want. However, remember to scan for those pesky anti-boarding upgrades!

– Buffed boarding pod speed by 200m/s.

– SETA is now directly built-in for ships, meaning there is never a need to buy it and it is impossible to lose it and get caught without it. I don’t think this will retroactively install into ships in an existing save, but any new ships you buy should be covered.

– All mining ships now come pre-installed with the following software so that they are fully ready to mine once the player equips them with mining lasers. This is to remove the confusion stemming from new players not knowing what is needed.

– Ore Collector
– Navigation Command Software
– Special Command Software

+ Moved all Orbital Weapons Platforms (OWPs) farther away from their respective gates in border sectors. This small change makes the entire universe much more dangerous, especially in these sectors (adjacent to pirate/xenon territory). Does not affect existing saves.

– Added “Prototype” ship variants. These can ONLY be purchased as blueprints or purchased as used ships from NPCs in trade missions. In addition to having greatly enhanced stats, they are capable of using Kyon Emitters. There are 20 in total across all factions. The capital ships are also capable of carrying stations (ST-class cargo), like a TL.

– Old Republic (Yaki) are now capable of giving the player “Buy Blueprints” missions just like the other races. These are classified as “Think” missions (blue light bulb symbol), and only appear in the game once the player has the PHQ.

– OCV lasers (Kyon Emitters) now disable any ship they shoot, reducing their speed by 90% for 3 seconds each time they impact.

– Note that these deliberately-overpowered guns are only obtainable by killing and looting OCV ships, and can only be equipped by “prototype” ship variants.

– Note that Gamma Kyon Emitters are ST-class cargo (station-size), meaning that only a TL or a prototype capital ship will be able to carry them. Your reaper shuttle will likely ignore these.

– Repair laser now does quadruple shield damage. Be careful repairing your ships in dangerous environments.

+ Removed LU’s hard-coded Teladi-owned Taipans from sector New Income (vanilla ships).

– Swapped Clone Commando and Republic Senator starting sectors so that the senator is able to spend their money on SWLU ships at the start.

– The YT-1300 Millennium Falcon variant is now actually obtainable. It only appears as a used ship for sale from NPCs in the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire.

+ The New Republic sector now sells ore collectors at the equipment dock. However, this is pointless because you never need to buy them again since all mining ships now come with them built-in.

– Re-named all “Singularity Time Engine Accelerator” to “S.E.T.A.” to make it easier to distinguish in menus.

– TS, TP, TM, and M8 ships now go out with more of a bang rather than the tiny puff of smoke they used to emit when destroyed. The death explosions are larger and more fitting now.

**** Ship Changes **** (Probably won’t affect ships already existing, but affects newly-purchased ships)

– Z-95 AF4 (Republic M4)
– Enhanced thruster effects

– R-41 Starchaser (Pirate M3)
– Enhanced thruster effects

– YT-2000 (New Republic/Remnant TS)
– Increased cargobay and increased price

– E-Wing Miner (New Republic M4)
– Increased Price

– YT-1760 (Civilian TS)
– Slight increase in price and maximum upgradable speed

– Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter (Jedi/Pirate M5)
– 4x faster acceleration to bring them in line with other M5 ships

– Venator Star Destroyer (Republic M1)
– 2.5x hull strength increase

– Legacy Star Destroyer (Republic M2)
– 2x hull strength increase

——| Version 1.2.2 (June 1, 2019) |——

– Replaced X3’s NPC portraits with static images of star wars characters.

No more old portraits

– While I think this is an improvement overall, the voices don’t really make sense anymore because you will run into clone troopers saying “Teladi want profitsss!!!” or something dumb like that. I don’t have the resources for a voice overhaul.

– Also, because the Yaki share portraits with the pirates, I was unable to give portraits to Old Republic characters and all Old Republic NPCs look like pirates.

– Due to video file quirks I do not have the means to solve, the portraits blink for 1 frame at the end of their “animations” to another picture. This repeats if you let an NPC sit on their “idle animation”. I will keep on trying to fix this in the future.

– Did a hard rename of all instances of “Argon” in the text files to “Rebel”, and for the other races as well.

– Renamed all instances of “Gate” to “Hyperspace Lane”

– It’s very likely that I broke some of the game’s text by doing this. For example, “Platform” became “PlRemnantorm” because “ATF” was replaced with “Remnant”. I also caught “FriHyperspace Lane”, which used to be “Frigate”. Please let me know if you find more broken text.

– Added version information to the game launcher

– Deleted all LU gamestarts

– All gamestarts now start with 100 salvage insurance rather than just 1

– Space suit now has double speed, acceleration, and weapon energy

– Imperial Light Cruiser (Imperial M7)
– Forward guns reduced from 10 to 6

– Arquitens Cruiser (Republic M7)
– Player relative value fixed to be the same as NPC relative value
– This only relates to PHQ production costs

– Phanon and OCV scripts now initialize sequentially rather than simultaneously to lessen CPU load at the start of a new game. You can now run SETA at the beginning of a new game without worrying about lag.

– OCV now has 1/2 chance each tick instead of 1/3 chance each tick to generate resources needed for expansion.

– Changed OCV resource generation yield from 5-35 to 20-35 (random int range)

– Cut the minimum and maximum times between OCV invasions in half

——| Version 1.2.1 (May 24, 2019) |——

(The Cockpit Update)

– Greatly increased the amount of Xenon fleets in the universe at any given time and also decreased the time it takes for them to respawn. This isn’t quite apocalyptic levels, but you should see a lot more Xenon attacks throughout the universe in border sectors.

– Reduced speed of all heavy lasers drastically to around ~1100 m/s and increased their projectile lifetimes respectively so that their range remains the same. This means that the lasers travel slower and are less effective against fighters:

– Fusion Beam Cannon (FBC)
– Phased Array Laser Cannon (PALC)
– Photon Artillery Array (PAA)
– Tri Beam Cannon (TBC)
– Cluster Flak Array (CFA)
– Starburst Shockwave Cannon (SSC)
– Flak Artillery Array (FAA)

– Updated “New Republic Admiral” and “Imperial Remnant Warlord” to use the “Advanced” ship variants introduced in 1.2.0 rather than the old Rebel/Empire versions.

– Added gates to the Yaki area to improve Old Republic gameplay:
– Weaver’s Tempest & Xenon Core 031
– Old Republic & Duke’s Vision
– Old Republic & Rhy’s Crusade

New Connections

– [Spoiler for previous versions] Removed the free MC40a ship from Xenon Core 031 because the sector is easier to access now

– Added jumpdrives for sale in the Old Republic sector

– D-5 Mantis (Old Republic TS)
– Fixed broken top and bottom turrets
– Changed turret model for top turret

– Harrower (Old Republic M2)
– 2GJ shields from 4 to 5
– 1/3 extra hull strength
– Now able to use the Ion Cannon (IC) weapon
– Changed top/bottom turrets to use Imperial weapons
– Fixed starboard hangar so that it no longer launches fighters backwards into the ship and causing collisions

– Pirate Harrower (Pirate M2)
– Identical fix for starboard hangar

– Added ported/modded versions of MikSka’s cockpits for the following star wars ships:
– Nebula Star Destroyer (New Republic M2)
– Resurgent Star Destroyer (First Order M2)
– Star Destroyer I-1 (Empire M1)
– Star Destroyer I-2 (Empire M2)
– Victory Star Destroyer (Empire M7)
– Venator Star Destroyer (Republic M1)
– Y-Wing BTL-B (Republic M3)

– Added PSCO1’s cockpits for all other star wars ships

– Adjusted camera positions for the following ships to look better with cockpits:
– E-Wing (New Republic M4)
– E-Wing Miner (New Republic M4)
– DP-37 Frigate (New Republic/Remnant/Pirate M7)
– Resurgent Star Destroyer (First Order M2)
– All Delta7 Jedi Starfighters (Jedi/Pirate M5)
– Star Destroyer I-1 (Empire M1)
– Star Destroyer I-2 (Empire M2)
– Victory Star Destroyer (Empire M7)
– Interdictor (Empire M7)
– Arquitens Cruiser (Republic M7)
– Strike Cruiser (Remnant/Pirate M7)
– Venator Star Destroyer (Republic M1)
– Legacy Star Destroyer (Republic M2)
– ARC-170 (Republic M3)
– V-Wing (Republic M5)
– V-19 Torrent (Republic M4)
– N-1 Starfighter (Republic M5)
– Z-95 AF-4 (Republic M4)
– Providence Dreadnought (Separatist M1)
– Aurek Fighter (Old Republic M4)
– OR Shuttle (Old Republic TS)
– Old Republic Miner (Old Republic TS)
– MM-13 (Mandalorian TS)
– Pirate Havoc (Pirate M3)
– Pirate Havoc Miner (Pirate M3)

——| Version 1.2.0 (May 18, 2019) |——

(The full cockpit update is not quite here yet…. That will be 1.2.1)

1 2 0 Cockpits Mostly

– Venator Star Destroyer (Republic M1)
– New, less dreary retexture

– E-Wing (New Republic M4)
– Increased max speed from 188m/s to 238m/s
– Increased hull strength from 18000 to 42000

– B-Wing (Rebel M3)
– Now able to carry XL-sized cargo containers like all other bombers
– Reduced reputation requirements by 1 stage
– 25MJ shields from 10 to 6
– Decreased rudder optimization availability from 5 to 2
– Price reduced accordingly

– Corellian Gunship (Rebel M6)
– 200MJ shields from 7 to 6
– Very slight reduction in price and weapon energy

– TIE Defender (Empire M3)
– Removed the tiny blue thruster particle

– Cockpit progress
– Updated TIE Fighter cockpit graphics
– Added PSCO1’s animated cockpit screens
– Used some high-res textures from Swefan Italia’s cockpit retexture, some cockpits will freeze the game for a brief second when you jump into a ship as a result. This shouldn’t hinder gameplay too much.
– Many custom retextures of key cockpit textures to be less rusty/brown like X3AP and more gray/black like star wars
– Replaced a lot of PSCO1’s cockpit text with star wars aurabesh

– Added ported/modded versions of MikSka’s cockpits for the following star wars ships:
– YT-1300 (Rebel/Empire TS)
– Pirate YT-1300 Falcon (Pirate TS)
– A-Wing RZ2 B (Resistance M5)
– A-Wing RZ2 R (Resistance M5)
– TIE Bomber (Empire M3)
– TIE Defender (Empire M3)
– T-16 Skyhopper (OTAS M5)
– B-Wing Bomber (Rebel M3)
– Y-Wing Bomber (Rebel M3)
– YT-2400 (Rebel/Empire TS)
– YT-2000 (New Republic/Remnant TS)
– YT-1760 (OTAS TS)
– X-Wing R (Rebel M4)
– X-Wing B (Rebel M4)
– X-Wing Repair Ship (Kha’ak M4)
– Z-95A (Rebel M4)
– Z-95T (Pirate M4)

– Added PSCO1’s cockpits for the following star wars ships:
– Corellian Corvette (Rebel M6)
– Pirate Corellian Corvette (Pirate M6)
– Gallofree Transport (Rebel TS)
– Hammerhead Corvette (Rebel TS)
– MC80 Liberty (Rebel M2)
– U-Wing (Rebel TP)
– MC80 Independance (Rebel M1)
– Nebulon-B Frigate (Rebel M7)
– VCX-100 (Rebel TM)
– MC80 Liberty Hauler (Rebel TL)
– T-Wing (Rebel M5)
– T-Wing Miner (Rebel M5)
– Corellian Gunship (Rebel M6)
– Pirate Corellian Gunship (Pirate M6)
– MC75 Cruiser (Rebel M1)
– Quasar-Fire Carrier (Rebel/Empire M7)
– Braha’tok Gunship (Rebel M6)
– Marauder Cruiser (Rebel M8)

– Added PSCO1’s cockpits for the following X3AP ships:
– N (Xenon M5)
– M (Xenon M4)
– L, LX (Xenon M3)
– P (Xenon M6)
– Q, C, J, K, Z (Xenon M7, M1, and M2 ships)
– All Kha’ak ships
– Space Suit

– Adjusted camera positions for the following ships to look better with cockpits:
– J (Xenon M1)
– U-Wing (Rebel TP)
– X-Wing R (Rebel M4)
– X-Wing B (Rebel M4)
– X-Wing T70 (Resistance M4)
– X-Wing Repair Ship (Kha’ak M4)
– Z-95A (Rebel M4)
– Z-95T (Pirate M4)

– Added some “Advanced” variants of ships to the Legends ABY star wars factions:
– X-Wing Advanced (New Republic M4)
– B-Wing Advanced (New Republic M3)
– DP-20 Advanced (New Republic M6)
– A-Wing Advanced (New Republic M5)
– TIE Fighter Advanced (Remnant M5)

– Changed hard-coded NPC ship types to be star wars ships:
– OTAS traders
– OTAS security
– Terran planet supply
– Getsu Fune security
– Flagships such as Argon One

– Removed vanilla ships
– NPCs don’t use X3AP ships at all anymore. All traders, police, military, etc. will use star wars ships only. Pirates included.
– All X3AP ships remain in the game, obtainable from their regular shipyards throughout the universe. They should only be seen throughout the universe if the player chooses to use them.
– Goner ships in Elysium of Light are the only remaining X3AP NPC ships
– Xenon and OCV remain unchanged and still use their normal X3AP ships

– Exceptions: These X3AP ships remain in use due to their faction not having a star wars alternative for the ship class (for now):
– Yaki Fujin (M5)
– Paranid Pericles (M4)
– Paranid Perseus (M3)
– Yaki Susanowa (M3)
– Paranid Nemesis (M6)
– Teladi Peregrine (M8)
– Terran Claymore (M8)
– Paranid Hercules (TL)
– Split Elephant (TL)
– Yaki Ryu (TL)

– Removed all old Rebel/Empire equivalents from the New Republic/Imperial Remnant shipyards
and replaced them with the new advanced versions

– Updated O.B.S. such that the New Republic/Imperial Remnant no longer sell or use the
Rebel/Empire versions of these ships for mission purposes

– Made NPC supply TLs more common

– *And most importantly*…

– Changed the “combat alert” sound effect to something less obnoxious

* Here is what that new Venator texture looks like:


——| Version 1.1.0 (April 28, 2019)|——

– Imperial Remnant Warlord (Gamestart)
– Fixed Raider corvettes (including player ship) so they now correctly have guns installed on their rear turrets
– Moved starting sector to Unknown Sector Eta due to lag caused by the border control NPCs in the Imperial Remnant sector

– New Republic Admiral (Gamestart)
– Updated weapon loadout on player ship (Assault Frigate Mk.2) to reflect updated laser compatibility

– Empire’s Finest (Gamestart)
– Wingmen now spawn farther away from player so they don’t collide at the start of the game

– Tartan Patrol Cruiser (Imperial M6)
– Improved thruster effects
– Fixed broken main guns
– Adjusted front camera position
– Removed redundant and broken front turret
– Removed ability to use boarding pods and wraith swarm missiles

– Acclamator Hauler (Imperial TL)
– Removed ability to use ID weapons
– Added ability to use IPG weapons

– Pirate Corellian Gunship (Pirate M6)
– Now able to use PSG, IPG weapons. Previously was only able to use fighter weapons.

– Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser (Mandalorian M7 and Remnant M7)
– Removed capital weapons from main guns, only availible on front turrets now
– Main guns can only use heavy weapons and below

– Pirate DP-37 (Pirate M7)
– Now able to use PSG weapons

– Pirate AEG-77 Vigo (Pirate M6)
– Main guns from 4 to 6

– Pirate Skipray Blastboat (Pirate M3)
– Removed ability to use PBE weapons

– Assault Frigate Mk.1 (New Republic M7)
– Forward turrets removed and converted into main guns
– Basically, this lets you shoot while flying instead having turrets on the front of the ship

– OR Shuttle (Old Republic TS)
– Added ability to use PRG and EBC weapons

– Hammerhead Cruiser (Old Republic M7)
– Added ability to use PALC weapons

– Pirate Havoc (Pirate M3)
– Added ability to use MD weapons

– All star wars ships now come pre-installed with combat command software if they are M5, M4, M3, M8, M6, M7, M1, M2

– All star wars ships now come pre-installed with trade command software if they are TS, TM, TL

– All star wars ships now come pre-installed with life support if they are TP

– No more built-in triplex scanners for star wars ships except Jedi starfighters, TIE Advanced, and TIE Phantom

– Star wars mining ships no longer come with any built-in upgrades

– Added some cockpits, adjusted camera positions accordingly
– A-Wing (Rebel M5)
– TIE Fighter (Empire M5)

– Many, many more cockpits to come in future updates

– All star wars ships no longer have the same laser availability for all turrets. Previously, they could use any of their allowed weapons on any turret. Now, each turret of each ship has different laser compatibility, which is how it always should have been and how X3AP normally does it. In general, rear and bottom turrets can use less-powerful lasers than the main guns, front turrets, and left/right ones. Top turrets depend on the ship. Obviously, you can see all of the changes in the ship “info” screen in-game as there are too many changes to list here.


– Changed warp tunnel from Litcube’s rainbow stripes to a re-colored version of the vanilla one similar to MikSka’s version to resemble star wars hyperspace

Warp Tunnel

– No content from 1.1.0 requires a new game because it does not contain any changes to the map file

——| Version 1.0.2 (April 20, 2019)|——

– Corellian Corvette (Rebel M6)
– Forward guns increased from 2 to 4

– Pirate Corellian Corvette (Pirate M6)
– Forward guns increased from 2 to 4

– Added more mining ships as variants:
– (M5) T-Wing Miner (Rebel)
– (M3) TIE Scimitar Miner (Remnant)
– (M4) E-Wing Miner (New Republic)
– (TS) C-9979 Miner (Separatist)
– (M3) Pirate Havoc Miner (Pirates)
– (M4) Dunelizard G1-M4-C Miner (Mandalorian)
– (TS) YV-100 Miner (Republic)
– (M5) TIE Fighter Miner (Empire)
– (TS) Zeta-class Miner (Empire)
– (TS) Old Republic Miner (Old Republic)

– New mining ships can be found at the debug and testing shipyard as well as all of the normal star wars faction shipyards across the regular map.

– Changed NPC jobs so that they only use the new mining ships instead of X3AP mining ships.

– Attempted to fix rare O.B.S. cases of Argon Mammoths being used in the place of Paranid and Split NPCs and mission ships.

– Rebel Recruit now starts with 2 PAC and 2 HEPT instead of 4 PAC.

– Replaced broken Orbital Defense Stations with Argon Equipment Docks in Empire/Remnant star wars sectors. This allows you to equip ships directly from the shipyard as normal.

EQ Dock Fix

– Note that for the map changes to take place (fixed Imperial docks, new mining ships available at shipyards), a new game is required. Your old 1.0.1 saves should still work just fine, but you will only be able to obtain the new mining ships from bailed NPCs, and will have to deal with the old broken docks.

——| Version 1.0.1 (April 12, 2019)|——

– MC80 Liberty Hauler (Rebel TL)
– Added thruster effects
– BUG: The main camera is stuck inside the ship. Setting up cameras in the normal manner does not fix this issue nor does adding new camera objects. Either fly this ship in third person or don’t fly it at all (it is slow and no guns) unless you want to deal with a busted camera.

– Kandosii (Mandalorian M1)
– Added thruster effects

– Lancer Frigate (Imperial Remnant M6)
– Removed forward-facing turrets, replaced with new forward-facing guns (main cockpit)
– Reduced backwards turrets from 5 to 2 (10 to 4 lasers)
– Reduced docking slots from 3 to 2
– Re-adjusted to 4 turrets on left, 4 turrets on right (8 lasers on each side)
– Added thruster effects

– Updated the Lancer Frigate loadouts in the Imperial Remnant Warlord gamestart to accommodate
the new weapon adjustments

– Added the tag “[UNSTABLE]” to the Self-Aware Droid gamestart and the Black Sun Outlaw gamestart
to signify how they are likely to have issues upon startup.

– Rebel Recruit gamestart now starts with max engine tunings

– Mandalorian Outcast gamestart now starts with max engine tunings

– Added the Havoc Starfighter (Pirate M3)
– This nimble M3 has 6 forward lasers, 2 forward turret lasers, 2 rear turret lasers
– 5 25MJ shields
– Available in the debug and testing mode and in the pirate sector
– A new game is required to make it available in the pirate shipyard but it should start appearing anyway in pirate fleets
– Added to O.B.S. (will appear in missions as well)

– You can learn more about the ship’s lore here: starwars.fandom.com

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