Complex Management

Vanilla complexes can be managed with a set of commands and Station Agents.


This page is for vanilla style complexes, and not the Saturn Complex Hubs. Just a few features to make your life easier when managing them at the same time as you’re using Station Agents and Couriers.

Set Station Product

Set station product does exactly as it says. The command can only be run on a complex hub, and allows you to set the products of the station. You can remove products as well, as long as they are a resource already.

Command menu of the station command Set Products

Station Parameters

A station parameter exists that allows you to set intermediates to buy, sell, buy & sell, or none.

The Station Agent respects these.

Scenario: You want your homebase to buy resources and intermediates, but not sell them. Also sell products:

  • Add the products you want to sell using the Set Station Product command
  • Set intermediates to ‘buy’ in station parameters
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