Used to ferry wares to and from sources to docks by following rules setup by your Dockware Manager.


A simple command, the Freighter is designed to work with your dock and the dock’s source stations. Freighters should be homebased to a dock. Once the command is run, they’ll use your Dockware Manager’s source information to figure out where to get wares required for the dock. See the sources section of Dockware Manager.

They’ll also pay attention to threshold limits on those specified sources so that your freighters aren’t making multiple runs, wasting fuel, just to pick up a few wares. See the thresholds section of Dockware Manager.

A ware set to overstock will enable the Freighter to continue stocking well past its home dock’s capacity limit.

Freighters do not buy wares for those wares set to buy. Dock Agent does.

Freighter command requirements can be found in the Encyclopedia

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