GoD Changes

(Global Decision engine) How ships, stations, and other objects spawn in the Universe has changed slightly.


A few changes you might notice about the game’s galaxy engine:

  • Ships no longer spawn out of thin air. They will spawn only in their respective race’s shipyards.
  • TLs will build stations anywhere in the universe, but they do need to travel there.
  • Jobs now pick from all ship variants
  • If the ship isn’t a job shop, GoD will not spawn it
  • Shipyards, Docks, OWPs still spawn, but not if the sector is taken over by an aggressive race (Kha’ak, OCV, Xenon)

The jobs engine has also been rewritten, with a few added benefits. All variants of ships are chosen. In vanilla, only the first found ship with a matching variant was used, even if the race has several variants within the same class.

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