Encyclopedia Update

The encyclopedia has been updated with a section to guide you through ware, class, and other requirements for all commands in the game.

Software And Equipment Commands

The encyclopedia has a new category. The Software and equipment commands will show you all the commands available in the game and what is required to run them. This system is dynamic. It will add commands that are registered in the games script map (which was rewritten, but you don’t have to know that) provided you use the new script commands that support this. See the script addon\setup.commands script if you’re interested.

The new encyclopedia, Software and Equipment Commands

Above, shows the new entry in the encyclopedia main menu.

The new encyclopedia, command examples

The above image shows the encyclopedia with a few commands expanded. It shows you the ships the command can run on, and the wares required to be installed in the ship.

The new encyclopedia, more command examples

Some commands have special conditions that have to be met before the command is available. For example, in the image above, you can see that the “Strip” command (which completely sheds the ship of all removable wares) is only available when the ship is docked at a dock owned by you.

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