Explorer Command Software

Explorer Command Software enables your scout ships to automatically explore the Universe and deploy an invaluable satellite network.


Explorer command Software enables a few commands suitable for a scout ship. These commands were developed with the aim of enhancing your ability to further explore the Universe.

  • Explore Universe: Commands the ship to survey the current sector to map all stations, asteroids and gates. Once completed, the ship will attempt to map the next closest unknown sector via the safest path.
  • Deploy Satellite Network: The ship will place a configurable array of satellites within known sectors. When the definable number of stored satellites are used up, it will purchase fresh satellites and recommence placement.
  • Scan Asteroids: Sends the ship to scan asteroids throughout the Universe.
  • Fly Through Gate: Does what it says on the tin.

Ships following these commands aim to follow safe routes where possible (e.g. when explorers move to sectors bordering un-mapped sectors). Note that a safe route requires you to *know* the actual route. However, if there are no safe routes, they will take an unsafe route.

These command requirements can be found in the Encyclopedia Update. In each case, ships running this command will be auto-renamed and moved to the top of the Property Menu.

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