Emergency Jump

Emergency Jump functions more reliably than in the vanilla version. LU comes with new technology to enhance Emergency Jump functionality.


In my opinion, the emergency jump command in vanilla didn’t work very well.

Emergency jumping in Litcube’s Universe works differently than vanilla, even without any special equipment like the Emergency Retreat Drive installed.

Firstly, the ship *will* jump if its shields get below the threshold you’ve set in the Command Console. Doesn’t matter what its doing, or where it is, it will jump. The emergency jump will interrupt and override the currently running command, so use with care.

Emergency Retreat Drive

The Emergency Retreat Drive is an expensive piece of equipment that will enable your ships to emergency jump within seconds. The emergency jump itself, when used in this manner, requires fuel in the form of Jumpdrive cores. These wares can be bought in various parts of the galaxy (and can be made by specific player owned factories).

Without Jumpdrive Cores, a Jumpdrive wouldn’t be able to jump out nearly instantly, but it will still jump.

Different classes of ships require different amounts of jump cores. Luckily, there’s a new ware resupply system implemented in LU that will allow you to automatically resupply cores which works in the same way as the built in functionality of resupply missiles, or energy.

Note that once you engage a Jumpdrive manually, the Emergency Retreat Drive is temporarily shutdown until the manual jump finishes. This is due to some horse shit I made up.

As is the case with Emergency Jump, only big class ships can use it.

Provided the correct components are installed, a hotkey can enable the player’s ship to utilize the Emergency Retreat Drive.

Jumpdrive Cores Required per class:

  • TM: 6
  • M8: 10
  • M6: 17
  • TL: 20
  • M7: 45
  • M1: 85
  • M2: 125
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