A Word on Music

Each sector in LU has it’s own music track, and has the ability to accommodate 42 combat tracks.

The State of Music

Music in Litcube’s Universe has changed. There’s now a dedicated track per sector in the \soundtrack folder.

However, you may notice that some music is used more than once. That’s because in the beta testing version, we have access to the epic soundtrack, where there’s one unique track per sector, and was handcrafted over many years, was described as immersive, awesome, epic, by many a beta tester.

However, you get the public version which is creative commons, and won’t get me into trouble. Most of it is from CCP’s soundcloud. Temetvince did a pretty good job on it, but suffice it to say, he’s still using the epic beta sountrack.  😉

As for combat tracks, there’s now 42 tracks, as opposed to Vanilla’s 5. However, again, the public version you downloaded recycles the same 5 tracks throughout the 42 mp3 files. This is again due to the copy right issues. The epic soundtrack had 42 unique rocking combat tracks. That’s what you get for being a consumer.

The good news is that you can replace these combat tracks and sector tracks without wrecking another part of the game.

In the soundtrack folder:

File format for sectors: 8XXYY.mp3

Where XX is the sector’s two digit x coordinate, and YY is the two digit y coordinate. Kingdom End: 80000.mp3

For combat tracks: *010XX.mp3*

Where XX is a number from 01 to 42.

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