New Models

Though far from its main feature, new ship and station models are used in LU for various new ships and stations.

New Models in Litcube’s Universe

What a contentious subject. This was the portion of LU that was destined to prevent its own release. In this mod are several new ship models that I have scraped together over the years. Some have been released to the public for use with any mod, and some have ambiguous permissions.

Here’s the problem: I did try to attain permission, and source out the creators of this content. I was not successful in most cases, always because of failure to respond. If I haven’t placed an acknowledgement for you anywhere, PLEASE e-mail me so I can change that right away.

There isn’t a model you’ll find in LU were someone explicitly requested that their work not be included. I don’t include proxy in there. If someone told me that someone else’s models weren’t allowed to be in another mod, I would make the request to that particular individual, the creator of the models themselves.

I spent considerable time and effort in implementing racial turrets. All races use their own set of turrets. The model scenes themselves have been optimized to fix various bugs (cockpit errors, crossed turret rays, invalid turrets, etc.).

They’ve all been “compiled” with the latest version of DoubleShadow’s 3dMax exporter to correctly attain collision object (I wrote the original code for it after Observe and I deciphered the meaning of the collision objects).

So. If there’s a model in here you don’t want me to use, and you made the model, you have two options:

  • Let me know, and I will place a nice bold acknowledgement on the “acknowledgement” page so that your work will be recognized as it should be. I will greatly appreciate this. A lot of work went into LU, and it would be a shame to have it discontinued.
  • Call me an asshole and request that I remove the model. Again, a lot of work went into LU, and it would be a shame to have it discontinued.
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