Mobile Mining In LU

Mobile Mining is a completely new system in LU which completely replaces the vanilla version. New ships, lasers, and commands.


Here’s the quick and dirty. The Mobile Drilling System and Ore Collector have been re-purposed. Hit a rock with your MDS, and you have a chance of your ore collector popping something into your cargo bay. It’s as simple as that. Care was taken to ensure that the efficiency of miners was the same out of sector as it would be in sector.

Mobile Drilling System Is Different

Hitting a debris rock with the MDS is now the only way to mine. When the debris rock is hit, there is a chance for a mineral or crystal to be “loosened”. The Ore Collector will beam the loosened material into the cargo bay, which all happens automatically. Depending on the rock size, it can only take so many hits before breaking apart. The larger the debris rock, the more hits it can take. Larger debris rocks will break into smaller debris rocks. The calculation is performed every time a laser bullet hits a rock; so yes, the more lasers, the faster the mining.

Only the new miner variant of ships can actually equip MDS lasers.

NOTE: You must install Mobile Drilling Systems in all compatible slots for the mining commands to work. For example, if you got Chimera Miners you need to fill all eight of the main weapon slots with MDS lasers, otherwise the mining commands will be unavailable.

Rare Minerals and Crystals

Some of the time when you hit a rock, you’ll get a mineral like ore, silicon, ice, or nividium. Rarely, you’ll end up with a rare mineral or crystal.

Upon an MDS hitting, the ship has a chance of loosening a material. If something is loosened, it could be a resource ware, a rare mineral, or crystal as per the following table. Note that small variations in the table’s percentages are based on the type of debris. Ice has a slightly higher chance of yielding crystal, and Nividium has a slightly higher chance of yielding both rare minerals and crystals.

Debris Resource92%
Rare Mineral5.5%
Material yield probability

If the material loosened is a rare mineral, it could be one of the following:

MaterialRarityAverage Price
Red Mineral55%15,828 Cr
Orange Mineral27%34,868 Cr
Purple Mineral10.8%96,415 Cr
Blue Mineral4.5%254,788 Cr
Green Mineral1.5%862,549 Cr
Silver Mineral0.6%2,385,051 Cr
Gold Mineral0.4%3,740,752 Cr
White Mineral0.2%8,075,251 Cr
LU mining minerals

If the material loosened is a crystal, it could be one of the following:

CrystalRarityAverage Price
Red Crystal72%28,164 Cr
Yellow Crystal21.1%109,997 Cr
Blue Crystal5.3%509,786 Cr
Green Crystal1.3%2,425,814 Cr
Black Crystal0.3%12,351,797 Cr
LU mining crystals

Mining Outposts

Plutarch, NMMC, Pirates, and the USC have all setup Mining Outposts stationed throughout the Universe. They’ll buy mineral resources, rare minerals, and crystals. Rare Minerals and Crystals will be consumed at these docks at a far quicker pace than other wares would be.

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