Quantum Jumpgate Extension

New technology allows you and your ships to jump to new points in a sector.

New Jumping Features

The Quantum Jumpgate Extension is sold at equipment docks throughout the galaxy. When the pricey extension is installed on your ship you have a few new jump options available in the sector map. In addition to the gates, you can now jump to jump beacons and sector centres. If you’re on good terms with a jump beacon’s race, the jump beacon becomes a jump option. The sector center is always available, provided the Quantum Jumpgate Extension is installed.

AI ships will always use the closest jump point to their destination, which is why it’s a good idea to fit trader ships with a Quantum Jumpgate Extension when you can afford it. It can cut down jump times considerably, when centre sector and available jumpbeacons are available.

You can, of course, place your own jump beacons. Though prohibitively expensive, they can increase the efficiency of your trading network. Even if the beacon is owned by you, a Quantum Jumpgate Extension is still necessary to use them.

Example of the jump menu from a ship with a Quantum Jumpgate Extension installed

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