Plutarch Tractor System

Move asteroids across the Universe with this new technology.


The Teladi, well known for manipulating trade sector station and gate arrangements to increase trade profits, have recently assisted in the development of a highly capable device to further the trend. The development was a joint contract, with research assistance from the Plutarch Mining Corporation’s research division and NMMC’s capable funding capital. Due to maintaining most of the logistics control throughout the duration of the project, Plutarch was able to win the brand name on the technology with surprisingly little negotiation. The Plutarch Tractor System is a technology that allows the ship to instantly jump an entire asteroid to known coordinates. Through calibration of tractor beam technology and small expendable jump drives the tractor system is capable of sending the asteroid to any point in the known Universe. A notable application of the system is a precise amalgamation of two asteroids, essentially combining their yields. The device comes with a cost: huge amounts of quantum tubes, energy cells, and crystals are required to fabricate the large quantity of jumpdrive probes required for the procedure.


Once a TL is equipped with the appropriate wares, a menu will be brought up with a sector and asteroid listings.

Plutarch Tractor System menu

Essentially, the Plutarch Tractor System offers two functions.

  • Move: Asteroids can be moved within a sector or from entirely different sectors.
  • Compact: Asteroids can be moved ‘into’ another asteroid, effectively combining their yields.


To make a move with an asteroid, your TL must be loaded with enough crystals, quantum tubes, and energy cells to make the jump. The command calculates the exact distance in meters (even between gates).

WareCost / Meter
Energy Cells6666.6
Quantum tubes42.6
Plutarch Tractor System usage costs

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