Dock Agent

Managing the wares by selling excess quantities set by rules of your Dockware Manager, this agent keeps your stores in check.


The Dock Agent’s primary purpose is to sell stuff from its homebase dock. As for the agent itself, there is very little in the way of configuration. Instead, the Dock Agent uses the Dockware Manager settings of its dock as a guideline for what to sell, utilizing capacities, overstock, and assigned wares.

When you first start the Dock Agent command, you’ll be asked whether it will be assigned the mode sell or buy. Depending on the mode, this agent will sell goods from it’s homebase equipment dock that are not set for capacity; sell wares that exceed the set capacity; and buy any items set to buy (up to capacity).

Due to the agent’s requirement to coordinate between its homebased co-workers, only a total of 4 Dock Agents can be buying for a dock at a time. Selling, however has no limit. Dock agents will not waste their time selling wares worth less then 20,000 credits.

See Dockware Manager for more information.

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